Trains are the most comfortable and luxurious mode of transportation you can use for your journey. Trains provide you with number of facilities which you may not have on any other mode of transport. There are many reasons for Why's and How's to travel by train.

Why to travel by train?
The answer of why to travel by train will definitely enforces you to know how to travel by train. Trains provide you to have a journey by assuming that you are sitting in your drawing room and watching a 3d movie. Some of reasons are:
Travelling through trains is safer than another vehicle. Train accident cases are very rare than others. In fact trains are becoming more advanced after the lawyer’s emphasis on its regularity. If you met a train accident, you must consult Train Accident Lawyers. They can help better in recovering the damages.
From refreshing point of view trains are the best. You can enjoy your meal in anytime during your journey.
You can use washroom, can drink in bar of train, you may have a luxurious seat for a good sleep in trains
These facilities will ask you to go for a train ride. So you can make it possible by following some steps.

Follow these steps before travelling:
If you know the exact date of your journey, do make bookings at least 2 weeks ago. This will save your money and time. You can book your seat by going to station or via online booking on the website of trains. You must start to pack your luggage on the day you reserved your seats, this helps you not to forget your important material.
If you have decided to buy a ticket personally on the day of journey, then you must reach at the railway station before the time train leaves the platform.
Sometimes compartments of train are not sorted in a right way, so try to reach at platform before the exact time so that you can find your seat and can adjust your luggage in giving place.
From which platform your train will leave is an important question. You must ask it from the staff otherwise listen to loudspeakers attentively.
When you get on the train, must read the rules and regulations available in every compartment. Please follow them. Have your seat!
It’s time to relax! Now you can concentrate on your upcoming days or can enjoy the current moments you have.
Chit chat or healthy conversation during the travelling with other passenger is a good way to enjoy but do not share any personal information with an unknown person at all.
Get ready to leave the train when you listen to loudspeakers that expected station is about to near. Collect your whole luggage with you.
Before leaving the train, share your seat with some disabled person or pregnant women if they are over there.

This is why you should select the trains for your travelling. Environment of trains is very desirable when you are going for a business meeting as business class provides you an opportunity to sit with other businessmen for a longtime than airplane and share the ideas. For a holiday trip, trains provide you with different spots to stay for a while and get your remarks on social media. Have a nice journey!