What is it about gruesome, gory movies that fascinates us human beings? From the earliest days of cinema, horror has been an incredibly popular genre. From ghost stories and haunted houses to vampires and zombies – not to mention the psychological thrillers – we’re enthralled. 

Some psychologists say it’s because they give us a little rush of adrenaline like we would feel in a genuinely dangerous situation, but from the comfort of our own homes.

The guys over at Film Oracle have put some serious research into what the best horror films currently on Netflix are, and they are listed here. Far from simply choosing their own favourites, the guys have been busy compiling the ratings from iMDB, RottenTomato and MetaCritic, as well as ‘New on Netflix’ in the USA. 

1. Sleepovers

For older teens, staying up all night at a friend’s house watching horror films is a rite of passage. With popcorn and sweets galore, it’s a bonding experience as you share screams during the scary bits and giggle with relief when they have passed. Make sure to choose something age appropriate and not too graphic though, as some teens are more sensitive than others and might not appreciate the truly gruesome films.

2. Date night

A horror movie is an ideal second or third date. It might not sounds romantic – but introduce a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket and some candles to the scene and you may feel differently. The most frightening scenes in a horror film put us into a heightened state of arousal, and are an excellent excuse for a cuddle. You can thank us later.

3. Halloween

Last but certainly not least, Halloween is the best night of the year to watch truly scary movies. Halloween was originally a pagan festival, and in Christianity it falls between All Saints Day and All Soul Days. No wonder then that on this dark and gloomy October night, the gates to the netherworld seem to open. Spooky! Celebrate with pumpkins, lots of sweets and chocolate, and of course, your favourite scary movie. 

All set for a night of thrills and shrieks? Just leave a light on when you go to bed after, just in case.

Fear not if you’re not a horror fan, the guys over at Film Oracle have got you covered with lists detailing the top sci-fi movies, romances, action films, war movies, comedies and more.