Conservative treatments are the best when we are talking about the back pain, but if it fails then spine surgery is the main cure. Dr. Joshua Rovner relive from their back pain by giving proper surgery. Mostly all the adults are suffering from the back pain at some point in their life. This pain resists the ability to work, prevent you from living the precious life you have been dreaming about, and it also takes away from your family and friends. One of the New Jersey’s top-rated spine surgeons, Dr. Rovner has been certified by the American board of orthopedic surgeons and is one of the northeast small numbers of doctors with the best training and ability to perform the Robotic spine surgery.  >

A little more about Dr. Rovner

Dr. rovner is graduated with a Medical Degree from the State University of New York Downstate Medical Centre College of Medicine before the completion of his residency in orthopedic surgery in the Albert Einstein college of medical science in the New York City. He has successfully completed his spinal surgery at Minnesota. Though he has always practiced the advanced training in the spine surgery and orthopedics, he also focus on the other treatment options by which he can overcome the back and spine pain. During his career, he has managed to be the best regional expert in the medical and surgical management to get over the disorders and diseases of the spine.

Spinal surgery

There are some pains in the lower back that can be treated without having surgery. In fact surgeries at some point become the necessary option to help to overcome the serious problems like musculoskeletal injuries or nerve compression. The specialist of the pain management can help you decide whether you have to go for the spinal surgery or the pain can be treated with the conservation of the medicines. The lower back pain is the most common and trending ailment seen by the doctors. The low back pain sometimes requires nonsurgical treatments like anti-inflammatory medicines, and heat and physical therapy.

What are the different types of back surgery?

There are various forms of a back surgery which have been carried out to resist the back pain or the suffering. They are-

Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty- These are the procedures that have been used to repair the compression fractures that happen in the vertebrae caused due to osteoporosis. The procedures include the injections of the bone like cement which is injected to harden and strengthen the bones of the spinal cord.
Spinal decompression- This surgery is being performed by the surgeons when the pain, weakness, and numbness occur and when the spinal stenosis causes the narrowing of the spinal canal. To remove the pressure that arises on the nerves the surgeons removes the bony walls of the vertebrae and any bone spurs to open up the spinal column.
Discectomy- laminectomy and discectomy are the two surgeries which are being performed together. It is performed to remove the disk when it has been herniated and pressed on a nerve root or the spinal cord which create back pain and decrease the potential to work with full efficiency.
Artificial disk replacement

When person is suffering from the severely damaged disks he/she is given the artificial disk replacement treatment. This is considered an alternative to spinal fusion treatment. The procedure of the same involves the removal of the disk which is replaced by the synthetic disk that helps restore the height and movement of the vertebrae.

Spinal fusion- Surgeons remove the spinal disk between the two or more vertebrae and then fuses the adjacent vertebrae by using the bone metal devices which are secured by the screws. The procedure requires a long recovery period to allow the bone metal to grow and fuse to the vertebrae together and it may also result in the loss of the flexibility of the spine.

Benefits of the back surgery

The back surgeries have some benefits, which you may find true are-

Can move around in good health
Physically fit
Improves your mood
Prevent you from taking pain killers
Can go back to work
Can work with full energy and efficiency

Preparation of the spine surgery

The first step in the preparation of the surgery is for you and your doctors to decide which surgery option should be taken regarding the type of injury. For the optimal results they create a post-surgery course of treatment. Beforehand discussion should be done regarding the expectations from the surgery. To recover with success it is very important that you should be prepared mentally and physically for the surgery that you will be going through. You should even take time and discuss the surgery process and the various stages required for your recovery and well being. The back surgery may not work too much as the doctors will suggest the high doses of the medicines and you will feel the weakness and get tired soon.

The spinal surgery success rate 

The success rate of the spinal surgery depends upon the patient’s satisfaction and pain relief. The success of any surgery differs in accordance with the surgeon’s skills and conditions but the general results are found successful. The surgeries are specifically performed to eliminate the pain and sciatica-like microdiscectomy is up to 70% successful. 

Last takeaways

Every person who comes for the spinal pain relief and requires surgery is unique, different and new believed by one of New Jersey's top-rated spine surgeons, Dr. Rovner. The treatment of the injury is done by seeing the person’s need, preference and conditions. After the spine surgery, the doctors will recommend the physical therapy continuing for three months from the operation. The most important thing to be kept in mind after this back surgery is that you should be in touch with your physician regarding the pain, medication and unusual sensation to monitor your recovery.