It makes sense to hold back when spending money on treats. Even the most minimalist and frugal person experiences the desire for something new, fun and maybe luxurious once in a while, but financial situations are different for everyone and constantly buying whatever sparks excitement is not a sustainable way of managing your money. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy your earnings every now and then. Here are some tips on how to treat yourself without feeling guilty about spending.

Do Your Research

Is there a product you know would be perfect for you? Have you fantasized about having it in your life to enjoy at your leisure? Sometimes we can become so swept up in the anticipation of purchasing something new that we blinker ourselves to alternatives. Consider these points before hastily spending your hard-earned money:
Is it essential that you pay more for brand name products?
Have you read plenty of reviews of the product and its competitors?
Have you watched YouTube videos of other people who have bought the product and listened to their reaction?
Are there cheaper but still appropriate duplicates for the product?
Once you have shopped around and settled on the exact version of the item you want, you’ll have had more time to think about what made you want it in the first place. As long as the product ticks off every specification you require of it – even if the item is meant just for fun – then go ahead and treat yourself.

Have Patience

Sometimes an item will catch your eye and almost beg you to buy it. Whether in a store or online, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to snatch it up then and there. Stores are cleverly designed to make you feel that you need to buy the item immediately otherwise it will go out of stock and you’ll miss out. Ignore this and give yourself a day to think about it. After twenty-four hours, decide whether or not you still want to buy it. Another great way of exercising patience is to wait for sale events and recurring discount times, for example biding your time and taking advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day deals. That way you’ll get what you want without overspending.

Codes and Coupons

It’s no longer a well-kept secret; coupons and online discount codes are everywhere. All you need to do is look hard enough for them. Try to avoid opting for express delivery online unless it is absolutely necessary that your items arrive before a specific date – this will end up making online shopping cheaper than using public transport or spending gas money to visit stores in person. If your favorite store has a loyalty card or membership scheme, look into it and sign up – being careful to avoid initially tempting offers that end up costing you more money in the long run like credit cards.

Resist Overindulging

It’s not only important to budget your money but also your time. If you know you have a habit of splurging on unnecessary items, allow yourself one day per month to spend your allotted cash. Be strict with yourself within these limits – you can keep an eye on your wallet at the same time as treating yourself.