Singapore is the land that never fails when it comes to surprising its people. If you are a tourist and you are visiting this place for the first time or for your hundred times you will always get a land that is unexplored. Singapore has always been a magnificent place because it is immensely beautiful and densely populated. 

It is a land that is filled with famous landmarks and soaring buildings but not everyone knows that it still has many lands which are wonderful yet undiscovered. There are several adventurous sports that you can definitely enjoy when you are visiting this place. Singapore is quite a famous place when it comes to casinos and which is why you can visit the Singapore casino as well. 

So this year if you are making a trip to Singapore make sure you are visiting this hidden jewels. It will allow you to enjoy the adventure and you can get there by using several public means of transport that will help you to visit these places. So the places that you need to visit this time are stated below:

1. Colbar: Colbar is one of the colonial bars that will take you to the time of the sixties. This is a place which during 1953 used to be the place where wide varieties of British beer was served. All the bars which are present here has a  surreal atmosphere. When there was a relocation it was ensured that the timber wall and the clay roof tin are carefully designed in order to create a replica of the original bar. This is the place where you can enjoy some history photos of Football Club. 

2. Tuas: Tuas is another great place which you can visit if you have a car because it is quite a remote location. This is the place that is filled with lalang fields and sand dunes. If you want to you enjoy a place with serene atmosphere then this is the right place that will require your patience and you can easily use your time for driving around the open and abandoned construction sites. 

3. Raffles Marina:

 If you want to enjoy lighthouse in the cityscape of Singapore then this is the location which you should visit. You will see that the Johor Straits Lighthouse is waiting for your visit at the edge and there you will get another bridge that will be a second link. There is a country club which you can visit and you can soak yourself in the gorgeous view and the sea breeze. You will also encounter several yachts at this Marina.

4. Coney Island: This is a park that is said to be the hidden home of several white sand beaches. If you are visiting this place from the main gate then you will encounter the Punggol Ranch. Make sure you have enough time that you can use for exploring all these white sand beaches and grounds. If you are someone who has a keen eye for several rare and new plant species then this is the place that has a plethora of it. This is the land which is said to be the refugee for several migratory birds so it is also a great place for the wildlife enthusiast. Make sure you are carrying your zoom lens and camera while visiting this land because it has a lot to offer that is worth capturing. 

5. Tanjong Rimau: 

This Island has gone through a lot of thorough reconstruction. It is the land that is filled with large rocks, tiny caves, and mangrove trails. This location is very mesmerizing and it is a great place for someone who is looking for adventure. You can only access this place if you take the way that will lead you to the rocky slope and by climbing down you will get to this beach. 

6. Bollywood Veggies: If you are looking for a farm break then this is the place that is going to offer you with a serene atmosphere and it has culinary classes and several hands-on horticultural tours and programs.

7. Wessex Estate: If you want to enjoy the black and white beautiful colonial houses then this is the place where you can encounter those amongst the lush greenery. It has a very beautiful neighborhood and you can also get several vintage photographs here. It has several semi-detached houses and walks up apartments that were constructed during the forties and it was basically used by the soldiers and British officers. So if you are visiting this place then make sure you are checking out all these beautiful houses.

8. The coastal settlement: If you're looking for a little spot that will be cozy then this is one of the best places to visit. If you visit this place then you will get several comforting foods like pizzas and burgers along with curry chicken. It has a nearby haunted spot which you can also visit.

9. Whisk and Paddle: 

For enjoying the tranquil river view you can definitely visit this place. If you want to enjoy this place then the best time to visit this place is during the evening where you can go to some bar and enjoy some cocktail. 

These are some of the hidden places that everyone who is visiting Singapore must go. It will not only allow you to enjoy the locations that will not be so much crowded like other places and you will be able to enjoy some quality time.

Whenever you are visiting the places mentioned above make sure you know the complete location and the ways to reach that place. All the places mentioned above are equally mesmerizing and each place has its own uniqueness. Every place that you will go will offer you different things like somewhere you will be enjoying the lighthouses and at other places, you will be enjoying the white sand dunes. So one can enjoy a lot of diversity when they are visiting the land of Singapore.