There’s something so appealing about knitting in the winter. It’s such a perfect indoor activity, and you get to nestle up against soft yarns are you knit away. It’s also typically considered a good season for making clothing, especially accessories like hats, scarves, and mittens. 

What we might forget is just how portable knitting can be, and how soothing it can be to work on a project during our train commutes or as we sit patiently in waiting rooms. Knitting is a year-round activity, there’s no need to think of it as a winter thing. You can make a plethora of knitted garments for yourself and loved ones, no matter your skill level. 

If you’re intimidated or frightened by crafts like making your own clothing, you can simply follow thisguide to step by step knitting a cardigan and face your fears. Here are just a few clothing ideas to inspire your next yarn creation. You’ll end up with gorgeous knit pieces while also improving your skillset. Let’s get started.

Making Your Own Cardigan

Yes, it’s possible to make a chic yet classic cardigan using easy to follow patterns that you can find online. Found a pattern that you like but you want to update the colors? No problem. A good online yarn retailer that also offers patterns will likely have an option for you to change the hue of your project.

When you create your own cardigan sweater, you have full creative control over what the end result looks like. You won’t have to spend time looking endlessly through stores for just the right color or for the type of buttons you love. You’ll have picked those things out for yourself! And what can beat the bragging rights you’ll earn when someone asks: “I love your sweater, where did you get it?”

Be Summer Ready with a Knit Tank

If you haven’t yet seen the mazing color options that have come out of the Caron yarn and Pantone Color Play series, you’re seriously missing out. With these yarns, it’s easy to create color combinations that shine and stand out as truly unique. 

Why not make the most of the Caron yarn color palette and make yourself a lacy knit tank or a color block knit tank? If you haven’t worked on making multi-colored projects before then this is a great opportunity to learn how. You’ll practise your knitting skills and maybe learn a new stitch along the way.

Make the Perfect Shawl for Dressing Up or Down

Shawls are fantastic knitting projects because they come in so many different styles and patterns. There’s no shortage of patterns to suit your skill level, and you can even challenge yourself to make more advanced or intricate shawls once you’ve gotten started.  

For instance, you can knit a smooth striped shawl if you’re a beginner and want to nail the basics of working with a pattern. If you want to make something that you can wear at more formal events, why not try a more advanced pattern in muted, versatile colors? Knitting your own clothing can give your wardrobe a real boost and can make you feel like a modern-day pioneer — so what are you waiting for? Happy creating!