With the legalization of cannabis in several states around the world, people often don’t often see a difference between medical and recreational cannabis. However, these days’ doctors have begun to increasingly prescribe medical cannabis as part of medical treatment which have proven to be successful. 

Medical cannabis such as nabilone, is used to treat a lot of side effects of cancer treatments such as the nausea cause by chemo therapy. Doctors also recommend cannabis to patients suffering from glaucoma as it has proven to reduce the pressure on the eye. There are a number of different diseases that doctors use cannabis to treat with such epilepsy, and especially anxiety. But the popular question is: how is medical cannabis different from the recreational one?

Cannabis has a key active ingredient which is CBD, and this is what causes the mood altering effects when people consume it. Cannabis also has another ingredient called THC, which is a non-psychoactive compound. This is what causes the delusions, and alter people’s perception of reality when they consume cannabis or marijuana. The difference between medical and recreational cannabis is that medical cannabis is high in CBD, where as recreational cannabis is high in THC.
In states where cannabis is not legal, doctors can still prescribe it as part of medical treatments, which can be available from canna medical clinic.
Since recreational cannabis is high in THC, it causes a more intense effect to people who consume, whereas, medical marijuana is not that heavy to intake.
When it comes to the quality of both types of cannabis, they are equally good. No one type is superior to the other in terms of quality. 
In states where marijuana is legal, there are usually two dispensaries that cater to medical and recreational users. This enables a smoother check out process, and it helps the staff to keep track of the medical cannabis user intake and their progress.
When it comes to prescription of medical cannabis, there is no minimum age requirement, and the doctor can prescribe to patients as he sees fit. Where as the consumption of medical marijuana requires you to be at least 21 years if you are to purchase it from a local dispensary.
The users of recreational cannabis pay taxes a lot higher than the users of medical cannabis, and this tax collection goes straight to the government. The tax on recreational cannabis can be as high as 40% at times, depending on the country and state. 
Doctors usually advise patient to consume medical cannabis through oral intake or with a vaporizer as smoking can be quite lethal, whereas, recreational cannabis is usually consumed through smoking.
Medical cannabis can be high effective when used to treat certain ailments, and it has been proven through scientific research. This is why there has been a growing acceptance of cannabis around the world with more and more people incorporating it in their lifestyles.