Truck industry plays a vital role in the growth of country's economy. Trucks or 18-wheelers play a crucial role in business. You can drive a commercial truck along with the trailer or without a trailer. A cargo can operate it. There are various types of commercial trucks are there. For these different insurance policies also there.

Both an individual as well as businesses rely on the truck industry for moving goods and freights. Without this industry won’t run,we won't be able to sell goods, buy foods and many other necessities for your survival. Most of the time the truck drivers drive with the attached trailer to deliver goods and sometimes they don't. If you are driving a truck under a third party's authority without any trailer then it’s called bobtailing. There is one insurance, which offers you protection during the time when you drive without a trailer and is called bobtail insurance.

Why do you need bobtail insurance?
Commercial vehicles are the drivers of the business. Hence, insuring them is a must and a mandatory thing as per law as well. You need the insurance no matter you drive your own vehicle or a third party vehicle. The trucker’s liability insurance or the motor carrier will provide you protection if you drive under the third party's authority. You can take bobtail insurance in case you are driving someone else's rigs and God forbid you to fall prey to an accident. In that case, in the absence of insurance, you will have to bear the expenses that the damaged vehicle and may be injured people's including yourself might cost you. You can also face a lawsuit if you fail to pay for the other person if the accident happened because of your fault.

Coverage of bobtail insurance
Commercial vehicle insurance is a vital part of every business. It will increase security. Mishaps can occur anytime, but you can be well prepared with the insurance. Bobtail insurance provides coverage during the time when you drive a truck under a third party's authority without a trailer. Bobtail insurance is for those who drive 18-wheelers

The insurance gives you coverage if you meet an accident on the way to pickup goods or after you deliver the goods.
If you meet an accident on the way of your first pick up.
This insurance would not provide you any Physical damage of the truck under the mentioned situations. It pays the medical bills for any kind of injury, the legal fees also the settlement expenses too.

Choose the right bobtail insurance agent
Choosing an apt insurance agent is tough. The insurance price varies from one company to others. Many companies offer low price rate to grab customers. You need to find the best insurance company, which can provide you service at a reasonable price tag. Before taking the insurance read the terms and conditions very carefully.

Cost of the bobtail insurance
Before coming to the price of insurance, there are many factors to consider. The insurance company will check your driving history, the frequency of your truck uses without a trailer, your limits. How much is bobtail insurance? Generally this type of insurance cost between $30 to $50 per month. Though it varies from one company to another. The cost of bobtail insurance is much lower in comparison with other commercial insurance policies. You can negotiate with the agent for the insurance premium.

For commercial truck, choose wisely. For more details you must consider companies such as Federal Companies  You need to understand what suits your business best,before taking insurance to educate yourself about commercial vehicle insurance.