Comes the summer and with it, our desire to go out and do activities the outdoors and take something in one of the terraces of fashion and, of course, cannot miss our sunglasses as the ideal complement.      

At this time of year the conditions of luminosity increase, as well as the times when we are exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays.

We know that there are several types of sunglasses and that we usually have more than one (usually based on the shape, color or brand), but ... how do we know which are the most appropriate to protect our eyes? is the best online platform for this, GlassesShop provides you the best prescription sunglasses at cheap price.       

Let's see why the color of the crystals changes and the type of filter that the sunglasses carry.       

Sunglasses Depending On Their Color:


The colored gray is in the center of the spectrum visible, so that conveys, in a uniform manner, the light goes through the spectrum and does not alter the colors.     

That is why it is the filter that is recommended especially for driving since it is the one that fewer reflections and possible distractions causes.

Increase the contrast and depth of field, so that those should be used in situations in it requires a greater contrast.  


The green filter alters the perception of the colors more than the gray or the brown, while still allowing you to see the images in a way very naturally.          


The filter yellow offers great brightness and contrast, but are not the all suitable as lens sun.  They recommended in low light conditions, such as the driving at dawn, dusk or when there is fog. They may also be suitable for some diseases of the retina.    

Sunglasses With Special Lenses

Nowadays, other types of lenses are in fashion that we tell you next:

Photo chromatic sun lenses:

The composition of these lenses have some molecules Photochromic that can adapt their tint depending on the amount of light solar to receive at all times. These lenses are darkened with the presence of light and clear in the dark and provide a good visual acuity at almost any time of the day.         

Lenses of mirror:

Sure that any time you asked: " Excuse me, so I can see a time when your glasses?" For the lenses mirrored reflects on the excess of light and or spawn one protection superior to represent one barrier to the incidence of the rays solar.           

It happens when the sun reflects on the glasses, the light “bounces", and thus we get more protection without losing much clarity.

Lenses polarized:

The lenses polarized contain one special sheet, which blocks the light reflected and absorbed the reflections, providing one vision more NIT way.

The colors are one aspect much more naturally and the look is much more rested with respect to a glass non - polarized.

We hope that these consulates will help you choose your next glasses. If you have any doubts or questions about the type of crystals you need, do not hesitate to write a comment, we will be happy to advise you!