CBD oil is not just for humans to take. Keep reading for 10 essential benefits of CBD oil for horses.

The United States is home to more than 7.2 million horses. Texas, in particular, has the largest equine population in the country, which also explains the cowboy culture in the state. Online classifieds HorseClicks, who list horses for sale in Texas, state that Americans rear horses for racing competitions and for leisure.

Taking care of this large population of horses is essential, considering the extent of exposure to injuries. Horse owners have the responsibility to ensure the well-being of these animals to guarantee optimum performance. CBD oil stands out as one of the essential supplement to the health and welfare of the horses.

CBD oil is not just for humans to take. Keep reading for 10 essential benefits of CBD oil for horses. But first, you need to understand what is CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

Since the discovery of the cannabis plant, research has identified a myriad of advantages that this plant has on humans and animals. CBD oil is among these discoveries. CBD oil is a liquid substance obtained from the hemp plant.

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp is a natural strain of the cannabis plant and has been a source of industrial and health-related solutions for generations. CBD oil is among these important products.

It is important to note that a clear difference exists between hemp-derived CBD oils and Marijuana-derived CBD. While both are strains of the Cannabis Sativa species, the hemp-derived CBD oil has minimal traces of THC. This demystifies the assumption that hemp-derived CBD oils can lead to a euphoric feeling among horses.

Understanding the Need for Equine Welfare

The rearing of horses may be for varying reasons. One such reason is for competitive purposes. Also, most people rear horses for leisure riding, which helps in mental and muscle relaxation.

Most people also agree that horses make incredible friends. For these reasons, taking care of your horse is important to ensure that it’s mental and physical wellbeing. You will also agree that horses are susceptible to a myriad of challenges.

The usefulness of a horse is dependent on their health and wellness. These animals race through difficult terrain while enduring the rider’s weight. Horse owners must ensure that these horses have the essential dietary standards to sustain such routine expectations.

Ten Benefits of CBD oil for Horses

From easing pain to mind and muscle relaxation, CBD oil has many benefits for both humans and animals. Below are 10 benefits of CBD oil for horses.

1. Relieving Pain 

Horses are prone to injuries that cause excess pain and strain. The constant physical strain as the horses take part in races or jogs can lead to recurrent pains and discomfort. In addition to dealing with their own weight, horses must also bear the burden of the excess weight of the saddle and the rider.

The susceptibility to pain is unavoidable. Having CDB oil to deal with such pain can be rewarding. Equines tend to have a positive reaction to CBD interventions when handling pain.

Over the years, horse owners affirm that there is an inhibitive effect that CBD oil has on the horses. The CBD compound eases the nerve-related discomfort by obstructing the pain signals. You will probably find this biological explanation complex.

But, when the horse injured these inured cells send the pain signal to the brain through the nerve system. All the CBD compound does is inhibit these pain signals from reaching the brain. CBD oil is a critical element when dealing with such pain.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a common concern for horse owners because of the susceptibility of horses to suffer joint and bone-related strains. An occasional muscle may not seem like a major concern until it renders the horse immobile. The inflammation may be a result of a sore muscle and may affect your horse’s performance.

You may need to consider buying CBD oil for horses when dealing with inflammation. The CBD oils are able to impact the endocannabinoid receptor compound into the horses’ system an effect that reduces the inflammation. You may not need to worry about these stubborn inflammations any more.

3. Reducing Stress 

But why would a horse have stress and anxiety? This question is common given that you may assume that such emotional and mental reactions are a reserve of human beings. Well, horses also experience stress and anxiety.

Horses are herd animals that struggle with separation and relational needs. The instances of stress may be observable when the horse has obvious moods swings, lacks appetite, or shows signs of aggression. Assuming these critical indicators may have a deteriorative implication on your horse.

The use of CBD Oil can help you address this concern. The oil can work well towards reducing the implications of anxiety and the potential results to depression. The CBD compound can ensure that you deal with the issue of depression and stress among these equine animals without affecting their personalities.

4. Horses and Colic

You may not know this, but horses too struggle with colic. This is severe pain and distress that affects the lower abdomen. A colic pain in horses is a clinical sign of possible development of other gastrointestinal concerns. If your horse has a recurrent irritated kick on the stomach and keeps rolling, then that may be the first indicator of colic.

A horse that is struggling with colic will also seem restless and paw relentlessly on the ground. You can address this concern by using CBD oil to address the horse’ discomfort. The CBD compound enhances the protective lining around the gastrointestinal tract to reduce irritation caused on the horse’s stomach linings.

5. Arthritis in Horses

Horses often stand the risk of developing arthritis due to the recurrent strain on the bones and the joints. When inflammation within the bones develops into chronic conditions, the risk of arthritis increases. Arthritis may lead to the degradation of the bone cartilages around the bones.

If your horse exhibits such signs, CBD oils may help. Arthritis may reduce your horse’s mobility almost entirely.

Using the CBD oil allows to ease the tension on your horse’s joints and reduces pain. 

While the condition is not fully cured, CBD oils can reduce the impact of arthritis on the horses’ muscles.

6. Dealing with Gastric Ulcers 

The other common health concern in horses is the risk of gastric ulcers. More than 90% of horses will develop gastric ulcers at some point in their lifetime. The concern is the impact that this condition has on the performance of the horse.

The good thing is you can use CBD oils to begin the process of addressing the issue. Specialists advise that when you begin treatment for the ulcers as soon as the symptoms emerge, you stand a greater chance for interventions. Anecdotal evidence confirms that CBD will improve your gastric wellness.

7. Avoiding Cardiovascular Risks

Horses may develop heart-related risks that may be fatal in the end. The horses may show a recurrence of shortness of breath. The horse may also indicate signs of slow recovery after activity.

CBD oils can assist with heart health and wellness. Your heart can benefit from lower high blood pressure and a better circulatory system in the horse' system. When using CBD oil on horses you can reduce the implication of fatal heart diseases.

8. Supporting the Immune System

The horse’s immune system is a complex but notably effective structure. The immune system should work best when the horse's supplementation and the dietary program is well-considered. You should know that one of the greatest impediments to your horse’s healthy immune system is stress.

The benefits of CBD oil on horses may be observable due to the omega 3 component common in the hemp plant. The supplementing omega-3 fatty element in the CBD oil is responsible for improving the equines immune system. Ensure that your horse has a constant supply of these fatty acids.

9. Reproductive Benefits

Horses need to reproduce in order to sustain a healthy breed of colts. However, there is a common concern around the rise in the cases of infertility among mares. You may need to address the concern regarding your horse’ reproductive health.

The CBD oil has a variety of benefits on your horse’s reproductive health. The oil can improve your mare’s sperm concentration.

Horses that have a stable supply of CBD oil can lead to motility among your horses. There is also a major benefit on your horse ‘reproductive viability when you ensure a steady supply of CBD oil.

10. Better Skin

Your horse has an integumentary system that is made up of skin, hair, and scales. The quality of the skin in such horses may be affected by a variety of skin conditions. The horse may experience rain rot, warts and ringworms that may affect the skin.

The CBD oil has vitamins and fatty acids that can nourish the horse’s skin. You will also notice that CBD oil can reduce the risk of these recurrent skin conditions due to the omega -3 fatty acids available in the oil. You, therefore, have, all the reasons to rely on these oils.

CBD Oil for Horses Is the Solution to Equine Wellness

Right from the stage at which a colt is born, there're various dietary, mental and physical considerations that you must take. These interventions continue all through the horses' life as you deal with injuries, infections, and outbreaks. Finding the right dietary and medical interventions for your horse is a priority.

CBD oil has emerged as an essential remedy to your horses' needs. The oil presents a number of direct benefits to the horse to assist it to overcome the various obstacles to optimum performance. These ten benefits will make you seek out CBD oil for your horses as soon as possible.

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