Father’s Day is soon approaching, and don’t you think you deserve a gift that’s truly great? Not just something nice that’s widely available for purchase, but something deeply satisfying that you’ll have for the rest of your life? This year, get the gift of music by taking online guitar lessons. 

With all the modern era’s incredible new technology, learning guitar has never been easier. Read on to see some of the reasons why.

So Many Teachers
If the internet does one thing really well, it is keep the world connected. If you learn guitar online, you can choose from teachers located anywhere in the world. This increases the odds that the teacher you find complements you — it’s important that their taste of music, personal temperament and teaching style works well for you. 
But it also means you can connect with locals from a region known for producing music you love. For example, if you’re looking to get a Chicago blues sound, connect with a guitar teacher from Chicago!  You can click here to read more about how these sessions work, and what you need to do to get started.

A Truly Satisfying Accomplishment
Once you’ve connected with your teacher and the routine surrounding lessons has become familiar, there’s nothing left to do but practice and play! Each week you’ll be proud of the advancements you get to show your teacher.

Before you know it, your muscle memory will be conditioned to play the basic chords, and maybe even some barre chords and scales — you’ll be jamming in no time! You’ll be begging your friends to check out all your chords and calluses, or take turns playing some blues rhythm so you can have fun shredding your minor pentatonic scale. 

If you already play guitar and you’re taking lessons to improve your riffs, your sense of music theory, or work on something more advanced like counterpoint or harmonies, you’ll feel the satisfaction you already have grow and deepen.

Whether you primarily play music to have fun with friends, to de-stress after work, or to give you private consolation and comfort when you’re feeling low, it’s truly hard to describe all the varying positive feelings you get from playing music.

Unmatched Convenience  
Naturally, taking lessons online eliminates the need for commuting. However long the lesson lasts is the total amount of time the lesson takes from your life. You can learn right from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to contend with traffic or pay for things like gas or parking. Life is busy, and every minute saved is important.

Playing music is a privilege and a true joy. You want your kids to learn music because it’s good for mental development and it’s fundamentally life enriching — these are very good arguments for why you should play it too! So if your kids don’t get them for you, this Father’s Day get yourself the gift of music and sign up for online guitar lessons today.