Even the best tasting meals on earth are difficult to feed to some kids. No matter how good something tastes, the more unusual it is to children, the more they’ll want to stay away from it. As much as we all love lobster, it isn’t difficult to see that it does look a bit unusual to those who’ve never tried it before, but that’s part of what makes it so great! 

The flavor of fresh, perfectly cooked lobster tastes like nothing else on earth. It isn’t exactly an acquired taste because it only takes most people a full meal or two before they absolutely love eating lobster, but it can take a tiniest bit of getting-used-to nonetheless. 

When it comes to introducing new foods, kids are always the toughest customer, but it’s an important part of every parent’s role to help their children learn to acquire more sophisticated tastes and develop an appreciation for the finer things in life. Besides the flavor, another great thing about this delicacy is that lobster is a healthy lean meat that’s full of protein, so you’ll be happy to feed to your children. 

Just in case you’re still having trouble doing the convincing, here are some of the best ways to help introduce lobster to even the pickiest children in a way that won’t leave them traumatized. 

1) Familiarity 

Every good parent knows that many foods that took some convincing with their kids eventually becamefavourites foods. The entire process of getting a child used to eating something is a matter of familiarity. Serving lobster more often may be the key to finding its place in their hearts. 

2) Learn by Example

Sometimes all it takes is an example to get kids to try a new food for the first time and learn that they like it. If your kids have seen photos of lobster or the real thing up close and decide they don’t want to eat it, don’t give up just yet! Serve lobster for a meal and give them a demonstration of the rest of the family enjoying it – you might just win them over for life! 

3) Start with the Legs

Kids enjoy eating things that are fun and seem to be meant just for them. Lobster legs are full of the sweetest meat on the animal. The easiest way to get access to this part of the lobster is to suck it out by guiding it with small bites up the leg. Just be sure to remove the leg from the cooked and cooled lobster first! Getting kids hooked on lobster legs is an excellent first step to getting them to appreciate the rest of the lobster.

4) Try a Lobster Roll

Plain lobster meat, dipped in melted butter can be too strong a flavour for children. One way to start children and beginners off on lobster is to serve it in a more familiar form such as a lobster roll sandwich. When lobster meat is combined with fresh bread, mayonnaise, and lettuce, it makes the strong flavor of the meat more palatable to undeveloped taste buds. 

Those of us who enjoy lobster like it a lot! As in the case of any acquired taste, introducing this different but delicious flavor to newcomers of any age can by tricky. Try these tips to get your kids more interested in lobster so that you can enjoy it more often yourself!