Ann Arbor, Michigan is home of many things that are fun and adult oriented, and one of them is still true to this day; male strippers. What are male strippers for? Well, despite the fact that just for a girl’s night out, you can actually hire a male stripper for your friend’s bachelorette party. This is very important because it’s a way to celebrate the last days of freedom your friend may have. While many are sole proprietors, there is one group of real friends out there, that’ brings a unique experience to the table.

What Can the Best Strippers in Grand Rapids Do?
Every group of strippers has a specific niche that they specialize in. One of Majesty’s perks is that they can give you a dedicated experience similar to the popular movie “Magic Mike”. With special experiences of dance routines and all the moves copied, they can heat up the room and make it a saucy time for everyone, including the bride to be. That’s not all they’re limited to of course. They can give you a custom experience that is unique to whatever your desires are as well. That’s something that some other groups don’t do as well.

How You Hire a Stripper
Well, of course the first step is the phone call. You need to figure out a plan and then get your initial appointment ready. During your phone call, Majesty will figure out ways to help you with payment options, times, and more so you can get the surprise to your friend of a lifetime. Remember, even though it can be somewhat expensive to hire a male stripper sometimes, it’s a good thing to know that you can pool together to hire one as well. Majesty is one of the only groups that allow multiple people to pay for one experience in the area. This makes a big difference, because it splits up the costs for everyone so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket as much.

Planning Your Bachelorette Party
Why have your bachelorette parties just been a normal night of girl fun when you can hire a male stripper? Everything that goes on during a session is completely private, and doesn’t leave the room because Majesty has that special connection that only true gentleman could have. Remember, what happens in the room stays in the room. What do you need to make sure you have plenty of? Believe it or not, all you need is a good handful of ones for those gratuitous tips, and trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hand them out.

With a specialized experience that you can only get from Majesty Male Strippers, you can get one of the most fun adult experiences that you can find in Ann Arbor (find out more here - The city is full of people, but your business doesn’t have to be everyone’s. At the same time, they don’t limit themselves in just bachelorette parties, so that’s one thing that helps them because they are true professionals that give a unique experience to you and your closest friends. That’s something that you could only expect from a group of true friends themselves.