When one gets bored from his daily hectic office work, he often thinks about when is the next occasion or festival where he can refresh himself, celebrate, and get relaxed. There are some special occasions for which everyone waits and save money to enjoy at that moment. People do a lot of arrangements and wear special occasion dresses to look the best on that special day! Life could become dull without any event or occasion which provides happiness in our life and a break to daily schedule. Thus, the following noted are some of the major special occasions in one’s life he eagerly waits for:

1. Festivals:
Everyone from family members to country people, all of them are cheerful on the days of festivals like Christmas. On the days of festivals, people worship, give greetings, eat delicious food, and do everything which makes them happy! Whether the person is poor or rich, the festivals are celebrated by all of them in the best felicitous way in which they can! 

    2. Marriage:
You shall blush after reading the above word but we all are secretly excited the most for that day! Why shall we not, this is the day since when we are going to have someone in our life with whom we feel togetherness. Moreover, all our relatives and friends are also present with us to be part of that happy moment. She also wears one of the best outfits to look charming on this special occasion. Thus, we feel good and special on the day of her marriage. 

    3. Birthday:
Getting greetings and blessings from our relatives and friends on the one day in each year makes that day a memorable one. We party and enjoy the moment which becomes nostalgic and a memorable one later! 

    4. Doing Something Special for Parents:
As a parent, doing special ends at getting qualified and getting a well-paid job as this brings a smile on our face and hence on their face. But we have seen them compromising things so that we get everything better and we are comfortable. Thus, after we start earning, it becomes our duty to do something special for them and return them everything they did for us! This could be anything like sending them for a tour at a place which they always wanted to visit or fulfilling any of their pending dreams. The smile which we see at their face at that moment is not less than any special occasion in our life!

    5. Getting a Child:
Although this is something thinking too far, it feels so happy to get a child and to be a parent! From that cuteness on the face of an infant and spending time playing with her to changing her diapers, you start enjoying everything and thus, this happy period of time becomes the most special and memorable occasion in your life. Getting your responsibilities increased and spending happy family time is the moment what we live for!