Increasing workloads and responsibilities demand us to sit for long hours. Many people may not feel uncomfortable due to prolonged periods of sitting initially but its adverse effects on health become visible after a few months. This is the reason why many workers complain of lower back-pain, stress, lack of concentration and reduced efficiency at their workplace. 

What’s more, poorly designed office chairs, when used for long hours, can contribute to serious postural problems like swayed back, disc damage and strained neck. This is why many corporates today are opting for chairs which are specially designed to combat ill effects of prolonged sitting. Autonomous.AI has an innovative selection of office chairs that are tailor-made to suit all comfort related needs.

What are the Adverse effects of Sitting for Long Hours?

Sitting for extended periods of time can impact our body negatively in many ways such as:
1. Increased Stress: People who are constantly in motion, have a higher supply of oxygen in their blood, than people who are sedentary. This higher amount of oxygen helps in the release of mood enhancing hormones. Thus sedentary people can experience higher stress levels due to deficiency of these.
2. Diabetes: People who are sitting for long hours have a higher concentration of insulin, which remains unused. This may lead to an increased risk of diabetes.
3. Postural Problems: This is the most reported effect of improper sitting. Improper office chairs cause problems like back-pain, stretched spine, neck-pain, shoulder swelling and disc damage.
4. Leg Disorders: Extended periods of sitting causes a phenomenon called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to improper blood flow to the leg muscles.

How Good Office Chairs Help Combat these Effects:
Carefully engineered office chairs reduce all the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. They do this by:
1. Well-designed office chairs are specially crafted to provide a correct posture throughout the day.
2. They have a flexible and fully adjustable seating mechanism, so that the user’s body does not remain stiff.
3. Sitting in the same position can bring in monotony to the workspace. These chairs help users relax by reclining or by bringing up the leg rest.
4. These chairs help improve productivity of the employees. When an employee is certain of his good-health and is not distracted by frequent pains, he can focus more on the job at hand. 

Choose These Office Chairs if you Have Long Sitting Requirements
These office chairs are carefully researched, designed and engineered, keeping in mind the different sitting requirements. Hence, they offer a comfortable seat even if you need to stay late at the office. Go through the list and zero-in on the best office chair to cater to your needs.

1. ErgoChair 2: Italian designed and fully adjustable, these chairs are made of Korean mesh, which gives a breathable experience to the user. ErgoChair 2 has been intelligently crafted to evenly distribute the weight and provide balance to your spine, throughout the day. The primary concern of sitting for long hours is lower-back pain. For this, ErgoChair 2 has an adjustable lumbar support, to maintain the arch of the spine. The tilt tension mechanism allows you to adjust seat back tension, to get that much needed break in between assignments.

2. MyoChair: This chair has been rated as the most comfortable one by our users. MyoChair is a simple yet sophisticated option for people looking for healthy office chairs. The neck and leg rest, which are exclusive additions to the MyoChair, provide relief to neck pain after long hours of sitting, and improve blood circulation in the legs. The users can adjust to different postures throughout the day, just by configuring the easy-to-use levers.

3. AvoChair: This ergonomic office chair combines the sturdiness of aluminium alloy base, paired with breathability of the elastomeric mesh. The mesh helps in distributing the body-weight evenly, throughout the day, along with providing an airy sitting experience. Reclining tension, seat height and arm position can be altered to suit individual body needs, by adjusting the levers. This ensures that the whole body is supported, even when the office timings are extended.

With over 120,000 satisfied organizations using products from Autonomous.AI, they keep innovating on how to cater to different body types and comfort requirements of our clients. The result, a set of fully adjustable and ergonomic office chairs which can be used throughout the day.