Exercise can benefit people of any age, but it is especially important for seniors who may not get around as much as they used to and who can benefit the most from it. Sometimes it can be hard to get active as joints begin to hurt and muscle fibers decrease, but getting regular physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous at all. In fact, moderate daily activity can lead to a number of health benefits for older adults, and there are a range of activities they can do to keep active daily.

By engaging in even the smallest of activities, seniors can:

Prevent possible future health issues
Recover from injuries faster
Relieve symptoms of existing health problems (like pain)
Potentially slow down the progression of chronic issues
Increase muscle strength and improve flexibility and balance, preventing future injuries
Manage weight and reduce risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
Significantly improve mental health, preventing cognitive decline
With so many health benefits, why not get out there and engage in some physical activities? There’s plenty to do for seniors, including:

Tai chi or light yoga exercises
General stretching for your well-being like neck and back stretches
Daily walks (weather permitting)
Participation in a sport or activity for older adults (like swimming, golf, tennis, or badminton)
Outings with friends

Senior Living Has Never Been Better
As a senior looking to live an active lifestyle and stay in shape, you should know that senior living isn’t what it used to be and more and more retirement residences are focused on independent, active lifestyles. Many senior living residences offer convenient ways to keep their residences active and social.

In a senior living home, residents often have a number of options when it comes to being active, like participating in daily low-key exercises (tai chi, yoga, etc.), swimming with an instructor, billiards and shuffleboard, shuttle buses for outings, and more. Some senior living residences even offer specialized activities like seasonal gardening programs, arts and crafts, or even Wii Sports gaming.

Don’t Forget to Train Your Brain
While physical activity is important, keeping your brain active should also be a priority for older adults. The good news is that many physical activities involve some sort of brain stimulation, but because seniors can’t always be as physically active as they like, it’s a good idea to also practice mentally stimulating activities instead.
Some ways to be mentally active include:

Reading books
Getting creative with arts and crafts
Playing cards or board games
General socialization

It might not seem like it, but just taking the time to have a conversation can get your mind working and help keep you mentally fit. Studies have shown that people who socialize with others are less likely to develop dementia and generally have better memory and cognitive abilities.

So don’t hesitate when it comes to being physically or mentally active, because even the smallest actions can produce the biggest benefits.