A big myth about homeschooling is that it cannot match institutional education. A common perception is that homeschoolers socialize less due to which they turn into introverts. Giving a black-and-white statement about homeschooling is not right as it has its pros and cons. It is the approach adopted in homeschooling that decides its fate. Sometimes homeschoolers are better than the kids studying in expensive institutes because of lesser distractions.  

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One drawback of homeschooling is that there are limited resources at student’s disposal. But choosing the resources smartly by considering the requirements of students can do wonders. If the students have everything they need, their interest in studying will develop resulting in better productivity. This blog will provide you an insight into important tools for homeschooled children.

Books are an excellent source of information. For homeschooling, books are a fundamental ingredient to get started. From course books to storybooks, homeschoolers should have access to all of them. eBooks are also a good choice as they are easier to access anytime. Book reading is a great habit and develops strong analytical skills and improves vocabulary.  

Having a small library with a variety of books in a home school is an amazing idea. It will encourage the kids to engage in literary activities which will later become a hobby.

Note Taking Material:
Learning process of any type requires note-taking and homeschooling is no different. A student has to note down many things including task information and key points of a lecture. Homeschoolers should have tools for writing like pens, pencils, markers, notebooks, writing pads and papers. Most of the times, the understanding of a topic requires writing like in mathematical and scientific equations.

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Time Management Tools:
As there is no bell-ringing in homeschool, so students have to keep track of time by themselves. Managing time can be a difficult task for a homeschooler, and that is where time management tools come to assistance. 

There are many online tools like 2DO and Google Calendar that help a student to organize his work schedule effectively. He can put his assignments, quizzes, and other tasks on these tools along with reminders. This way, the student will be able to streamline his study in a much productive manner.

Dry Erase Board:
Dry erase board is a necessity in homeschool with multiple students. The teacher cannot go to every single student individually to teach a similar thing. The teacher can also encourage students for brainstorming, and all the ideas can be written on the dry erase board. Using a dry erase is not only convenient for the teacher, but it is also beneficial in better understanding for students.

Bags may be underrated, but they are an essential thing for homeschoolers. There are tons of stuff that a student needs while studying and carrying all of it in hands is impractical. From pencils and pens to books, everything can accommodate in a bag. If a student has a proper place for all his things, he will not waste time in finding them. This way, he can focus better on learning process which will result in improved productivity.

Storage Equipment:
The operations of homeschool involve a lot of paperwork. From the student’s assignments and tasks to educational records, everything has to be organized properly. There are different types of equipment that can be used for storage in a homeschool. A big cupboard with multiple drawers and compartments is good for stocking stuff. File Holders are also helpful for both teachers and students in keeping data.
Having separate storage sections for different students helps in organizing things better. Whenever required, a student can conveniently open his folder to access the record.

Chairs and Tables:
Chairs and table are amongst the most essential things for homeschoolers. They provide students a proper sitting place so that they don’t argue over it. Students cannot hold books and notebooks in their hands all the time; that is where tables come in handy.

It is vital to keep the ergonomics in mind while choosing chairs and tables. The students should be comfortable while studying so that they produce better results. If you are short on budget, you can use different tools that provide students a favorable learning space. An adjustable book stand and laptop desk for couch are examples of such tools.

Gadgets with Internet Access:
Not all learning is done through books; modern technology should also be incorporated for effective homeschooling. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be beneficial for homeschoolers in better learning. With limited teaching resources, having internet access is a blessing. The students can learn concepts quickly if they have access to multiple sources of information.

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Productivity Tools:
In a homeschool, the students can get complacent due to the lenient environment that can result in compromised productivity. However, many online tools can help homeschoolers to run their affairs in an organized manner. Tools like Evernote help to write, store, format things and also set reminders of upcoming events. When students have the help of efficient tools like these, they can do their tasks with a lot more focus.   

Recreational Material:
Homeschooling is not all about being a bookworm; rather it also allows students to have fun. Students at a homeschool should have activities to spend their free time. In addition to outdoor activities, there is a lot of indoor recreational stuff that helps a student to relax. The board game is one such thing that will not only give students an enjoyable time but also sharpens their mind. Drawing and coloring are also helpful in enhancing the creativity and innovation in students.

Different indoor sports can also be incorporated in a homeschool. For example, table tennis can help students to remain active mentally and physically.

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Homeschooling is not something to be regretful of; rather it can be a matter of pride if done rightly. In addition to a good teacher, a few helpful tools are all a homeschooler needs for learning. Using all the tools mentioned above can help provide a suitable learning environment for homeschooled children.