Each day of our life seems to pose a new threat and a new challenge, and we all need that jolt to keep going. No matter what the day is like, or what is pulling us down, we need positive energy to endure our day to day life routine.

None of our life situations should stop us from really getting down to work. We all work very hard to achieve our goals but there are moments in life when we lose control of ourselves and this is

where we rely on words of encouragement and motivation. Sometimes we all look for reflective motivational quotes, which help us look beyond the situation to appreciate where we’ve been and where we are headed.
Some of the quotes that rejuvenate in difficult times may be:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else’s plan, and guess what they have planned for you? NOT MUCH. Jim Rohn

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you will be able to see further. Thomas Carlyle

We all are too busy in our fast-paced lives and need things in small packages, quick and easy to absorb and move on. Same is the case with motivation, we need a small dose of it every now and then. The need for this arises because we all are surrounded by so much negativity that we need an escape from it. 
 The Connection
The enthrallment to motivational quotes originates with the connection that you feel. The association of feelings and words. Feelings of one’s soul are purely human nature, words are just a medium of expressing those feelings. Quotes are a means to express our life situations.

“No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent.”

A lot of famous quotes have a very strong sentiment because they say something that we think and feel. Because we feel a sense of power and sincerity in those words. It’s the originality of those words that instill all the positivity that we need that time. These words of wisdom succinctly convey a message that emotionally clicks to us.

A Well Expressed Wisdom
According to Ward Farnsworth, Dean, University of Texas, “People have the appetite for well-expressed wisdom, be it motivational or otherwise”.

It is not just the essence of the motivational quote that matters, but the way it is expressed, the way it reverberates with people, and the choice of words.

A lot of times two different people may express the same thought, but it’s the array of words that determine the effectiveness and how convincing does it come across. Our brain processes information with a bit of rhyme and rhythm. Stupid people quote a lot of encouraging words but do they really make that needed difference?

The influential power of words has been proven throughout history and has stirred millions. Humans are aspirational and they look up to people who have achieved milestones in their lives, and hence words of wisdom expressed in a convincing manner make all the difference.

Humans by Design Are Aspirational
The greatest thing about humans is that they are constantly on the hunt for discovering a better version of themselves. A well picked motivational quote to just remind us that all our hard work to become a version of our ideal self is totally worth it, may just be the right push to stay determined.

Some of the greatest aspirational quotes are thoughts put into words or is the knowledge of some of the greatest leaders they gained throughout their life, they simply become actions into shaping who you are.

Inspirational quotes constantly remind us of our setbacks as learnings and the new opportunities that await us. With strong inspirational quotes, we move past our mistakes and regrets and gain support to learn from them. We get to hear encouraging phrases everywhere we go, be it our gym, work, or elsewhere, what matters is how well that resonates with you.

We all know that no one gets past their life without having some scars, these aspirational quotes give us the needed kick to overcome our losses and our fears.

Words used right with compelling effect can make all the difference in shaping someone’s destiny, and this is how a convincing motivational quote helps a human mind.