Dreaming of visiting Mexico? Planning on visiting this one-of-a-kind destination? From the gorgeous sands of Puerto Vallarta to its vibrant metropolitan capital, Mexico is home to a diverse array of wondrous vacation spots. Whether you’re a party animal or a history buff, you’ll surely appease your wanderlust and find your bliss in Mexico. And, to help you determine which destination is best for you, we’ve listed down the top and most beautiful places to visit in Mexico.

Ready for the trip of the lifetime? Check out these cool and awesome destinations in Mexico!
All-inclusive resorts, pulsating nightclubs, sand and cheap flights from the US make Cancun a favorite for young spring break travelers. But, guess what? There are plenty of exciting year-round attractions and things to do in Cancun. A nature lover’s paradise, Cancun will sweep you away with its remarkable network of caverns, tranquil cenotes and verdant jungles. And, if you want to steer of the crowds, visit it in winter. Not only is the ambiance light and tranquil, but the rates for accommodations in Cancun drop.
Mexico City
No list of the best places to visit in Mexico is complete without the inclusion of its capital. After all, it’s by far one of the world’s largest and liveliest cities. Praised for colorful heritage, the city is famous for its booming and fascinating culture and arts scene. As a matter of fact, an entire district in Mexico City was even designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. For bona fide foodies, the city has some of best and tastiest cuisine in the entire Western Hemisphere.

To make things even better, the city is extremely affordable, and surprisingly safer than most people think. Sprawling across dozens of municipalities, the city promises its visitors a memorable vacation, perfect for the culture-loving and frugal traveler who feels at home in a crowded and large city.
Yearning for an authentic and fun-filled Mexican experience with laid-back vibes and brilliant sunsets? Then, make sure to include Zihatanejo to your list of places to visit in Mexico! In addition to its irresistible sunset views and charm, Zihatanejo has countless of diversions and attractions to offer to all types of travelers. Here, foodies may indulge on ceviche and fresh fish tacos along the beach, and snorkelers and divers can pick from over 30 incredible dive sites. Of course, shopaholics can have a blast here too, with shops offering lovely local handicrafts, like woodcarvings and ceramics.
The island is famous for a couple of things – cruise ships and coral reefs. But, the island isn’t just a destination for underwater adventurers and luxurious cruise ship travelers. Easygoing and simply beautiful, Cozumel is also a serene place to learn more about the fascinating Mayan culture as well as to relax on the gorgeous beach with a cool book. And, when you’re in the mood for a dose of Mexican history, just swing by the ruins of San Gervasio and El Cedral. 
Want to experience an epic vacation in Mexico full of pleasant memories? You might want to check out Tulum. Trust me, there’s no place quite like Tulum, Mexico. Home to the only Mayan waterfront ruins in the world, Tulum beckons water lovers and history junkies. And, with its location along a pristine Riviera Maya stretch, Tulum hasn’t succumbed to the ritzy megaresort influences that may have overtaken the nearby Mexican beaches. Instead, you will find smaller yet wondrous boutique resorts as well as tons of expats.
Looking for Instagram-worthy places to visit in Mexico? Why not include a pit stop in Guanajuato to your Mexico travel itinerary? Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city will unleash your inner shutterbug with heaps of colorful homes, busy plazas and ornate colonial buildings. Once you’ve finished admiring the charming architecture of the city, head to the buzzing Mercado Hidalgo, and grab a bite to eat or a souvenir. For art connoisseurs, visit the city during the celebrated Festival Internacional Cervantino in October.
Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta will enthrall travelers who are craving for authentic regional Mexican cuisine and world-class beaches. Furthermore, it is filled with iconic attractions and landmarks that make terrific photo ops. For a memorable vacation in Puerto Vallarta, pay a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Los Acros and Banderas Bay.