Most of us prefer our loved ones to stay close to us especially the elderly but, after a certain age, it becomes difficult for senior people to take care of themselves especially if they have a medical condition. Getting them admitted in a nursing home makes them feel like being in a hospital kind of environment which sounds depressing whereas keeping them at home without any assistance and company becomes risky. A lot of people find that admission in an assisted living facility is a middle path to the problem as the elderly gets the required medical attention while being in a cozy and friendly environment.

There are different factors that are considered before choosing a facility still the assisted living facilities often do not provide what they promised while admission. Few of the major issues of such facilities have been highlighted below.

Hidden Charges:

Another cost which assisted livings in general do not disclose is the extra charges they include in the bill for a variety of services including laundry, making the bed, bringing food or administering pills. There are no regulations to control the price hence no limit on what they can charge. Though facilities claim that these are not hidden charges, just that if specifically asked, it will be revealed.

These facilities also tend to extort money when the family is in distress and emotional to read the agreements carefully. That is why it is advisable to have a lawyer by your side or consulting one before you sign on anything.

Misleading Advertisement:

Assisted living facilities understand the psychology of its potential customers. Everyone wishes to age well and so does the family members of the patient. Just to attract more admissions, these living homes create an illusion of a luxurious stay which seems to be overwhelming as it's more than you asked for.

Do not just go by the beautiful atmosphere, courtyards, spacious rooms, and expensive carpets; dig a bit deeper to understand how the facility works and how comfortable the people are who stay there. Talk to the staffs and the residents. Visit the facility a few times randomly, maybe have a few meals to make sure that they serve what they promise.

Negligence by the Caregiver:

Most of the assisted living facilities mainly focus on an increase in admission; Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers are a huge market for them. All these facilities advertise about specially trained staffs and a secure environment for such elders and patients with customized activities to keep them entertained and lock the door so that they do not wander off but cases have been registered where a patient with memory loss had got out of the assisted living facility and got hurt.

Hiding Staff Negligence and Abuse:

Many people residing in the assisted living suffer from memory loss which means they cannot take care of themselves, the basic reason why the family decided to admit them in a facility which promises to take care of the elderly 24/7. But many cases have been exposed where the caregiver failed to take care of the senior by either negligence and carelessness or worse, abusing the senior emotionally or physically. The difficult part is that as the patient suffers from memory loss, many of the culprits get away with it due to lack of evidence.

Assisted living homes are trusted by families to take care of their vulnerable elders but when the opposite happens, it is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. If you have a family member or a family friend who had to go through this agony, hire the board-certified personal injury attorney of Hastings Law Firm to secure justice for you.