Hair might not be a vital organ of the human body but it is one of those aspects that greatly affect the personality of the individual and plays a major role in his or her grooming. Our hair frames our face and hence it is one of the first things that people tend to notice about us. Naturally, if our hair looks unkempt and is not in good shape, it does affect how we are trying to present ourselves and could also result in disappointment if the desired results are not achieved. This is why it is as important to take care of our hair internally, as we take care of it externally. Those who suffer from hair breakage and hair loss often tend to go for various cosmetic treatments for treating the problem- they keep on changing the shampoo and the conditioner but after a point, no amount of hair spa helps. 

This is because the problem might not be external at all and one could be suffering from a kind of deficiency that can only be treated internally. The vitamins and minerals play a major role in maintaining the healthy shine of the hair and improve its texture as well. Those who suffer from excessive dryness of hair are likely to feel it rough to the touch and they can also tend to break easily. Vitamin B7 or Biotin is a major vitamin which studies have revealed, have an effect on the overall health of the hair. It must however be said, that are no conclusive studies as such that shows that Biotin is definitely needed for hair growth. However, a lack of biotin has shown that the quality of hair tends to deteriorate over time, which is why biotin tablets for hair are recommended for those who have poor hair quality. 

The best multivitamin tablets in India have all the required doses of vitamins present in them and it has been seen that they almost always contain Biotin, along with the other B Group vitamins like B6, B12 and B2. The B group vitamins, in totality, are responsible for breaking down amino acids, helps in collagen production- a building block for healthy skin and hair, help with reducing stress and fatigue and all of these factors are somehow responsible for reducing hair problems over time. In German, Biotin is known as Haar and Haut, meaning skin and hair and shows the importance in has in this field. 

The multivitamin tablets from Purayati are one of the best in this regard because they have been made from the best plant sources and the extracts have been carefully designed to improve hair quality in totality, for those who are taking in for specific hair issues. Purayati has tried to combine the best of science and technology and it has shown great progress by combining the findings of the Ayurveda and have combined it with modern scientific findings to come with health supplements which aims to provide a quality lifestyle to the people of the country.