It’s never been easier to find quality foods and products that are safe for your pets. With certified medications that keep your pet in the best shape, to toys that give your companion the right amount of exercise, there is a wide assortment of products for any and all pets. You just might need a little help finding the ones you and your pet like the most.

Here are some popular products you should check out:

Best Parasite Treatment for Cats and Dogs

One of the more frustrating aspects of having a cat or dog is dealing with the parasites they pick up. The most common parasite dogs and cats get are worms. Most owners don’t know that their animal may be infected with parasites, nor do they realize these worms can be dangerous to humans. It’s wise to have a product ready in your supplies if they show any warning signs of infestation.

One of the best treatments available on the market is Milbemax for pets. This medication prevents worms from being able to stay attached to a host. Most species of parasitic worms become lodged in the intestines and will stick around and consume nutrients the pet is trying to digest, but Milbemax blocks this process.

Heartworms are different since they get into the bloodstream and possibly into one of the heart chambers. This can cause your beloved pet to develop anemia, which can lead to fatigue and even death. Heartworms are difficult to eradicate on your own, so a doctor’s visit is the recommended precaution.

The Best Way to Monitor Your Pet When You Aren’t Home

Sometimes a pet owner feels the need to check on their pet during the day. It could be for a variety of reasons, from checking up on an elderly or sick pet to making sure that your mischievous furry friend isn’t misbehaving.

Whatever the reason for wanting to check on your pet, thank the software designers in Silicon Valley. Their love of pets in the office led to inventing a way to stay connected with your pups and carts 24/7. They have created apps for your phone that enable you to video chat and say hello to your pet if they (or you!) get lonely during the day.

Smart pet feeders like the PetSafe Smart Feeder give you the option of dispensing a treat for your pet through an app. Others like PetDroid use laser pointers for play with your cat from afar, and PetChatz gives your dog a way to “call you.” They nudge the camera when a certain light is emitted, and you can check in with them from anywhere.

The Best Technology to Help You Interact with Pets

Wireless technology has enabled pet owners to put “smart” collars on their pets that create virtual boundaries. This means that you can allow your pets to explore areas around your property while not having to worry about keeping them behind fences. Technology like this is already in place and you can check out the likes of cat flea collars by Dewel Pro as an example of how it would look like. 

Technology has advanced since the first shock collars. Now, you can get notified on your phone where your pet is at all times by using the Whistle or Findster apps.

Other ways this technology works is by creating a boundary around furniture you don’t want your pet to sit on, and if they do a small shock is administered. You can also link this collar to a feeding device that monitors pet activity. You can always control the amount of food that’s given to your cat or dog.

What’s Not to Love About This New Pet Gear?

There are so many great pet supplies available for dogs and cats. You can find many of these products at your local pet store, and all of them conveniently online. Try a few out today, and see how quickly you and your furry friend get used to them!