Tergel, fully named as Marcus Torgny Tergel followed his grandfather as his idol as he grew up. He developed a love for music by observing the environmental changes in his surroundings. Tergel has also featured a photo of himself as a child alongside his grandfather in an album named “The Love I Can’t Reach” which was originally published in 1999. 

Three main points in Tergel's poetry are environment, fashion and love. Main influence on his music are genres like pop, rock, electronica, techno and classical. He has published two albums and third album is currently in production. Here is a brief description of the words Tergel has written for climate change.

2nd Album: Special Journey:

    After the successful release of the album “The Love I Can’t Reach”, Tergel published his second album named “Special Journey” in 2018. The album contains songs in different genres and they cover a lot of different topics with deep meanings. Here is the list of all the songs included in “Special Journey”:

i. Special Journey
ii. I believe I can change
iii. Desperate
iv. Celebrating without a song
v. Summerking
vi. Song for lovers
vii. Conserved
viii. Want to win
ix. Superass

    All the songs are worth listening. Tergel's effort towards making this album a success is great. He was partially motivated by the issues like climate change and love, and partially by the success and appreciation that he got for his first album.

I Believe I Can Change:

    This song is centered around climate change. This is a unique collaboration of art and science that helps different organizations spread awareness about the current climate change especially global warming. This type of songs are often sung, sold and used to raise charity for the betterment of various climate change struck regions. This is purely a non profit art done by many NGOs all over the world to raise funds for certain charitable tasks.

Music and Nature:

    Music is an art, and whoever learns it craves to dive deeper in its vastness only to experience a natural connection between the mother nature and the music itself. Most of the artists like Tergel are initially inspired by their surroundings and ever-changing climate to choose their genre of music.

    Since their passion for singing is nature driven, true artists always try and help to preserve the nature it its original form by contributing both with their songs and a part of the revenue generated through them. Tergel has also written songs on climate change topics to inspire his followers to do their part in saving the earth through their physical and monetary efforts.