Finding the best water pitcher isn’t always easy. Some have features that you do or don’t want, while others may not have the features you desire but are a better price. There are even some that that use varying forms of filtering in order to give you the best water out there. In this guide, we’re going to give you our best filter pitcher’s buyers guide to show you our top 3 pick of water filters out there.

Why Portable Water Filter Pitchers?
Water filter pitchers are often lightweight, and less bulky, not to mention much less expensive than a regular water filtration system, while being able to help get rid of some of the contaminants that could make your water less pure. 

One thing to note is that they aren’t a replacement for water filtration systems when necessary, and even more they can make an excellent accessory to your already home filtered water system, but they are a great way to enjoy clean tasting water that you should have available at all times, day or night.

Down to the Nitty Gritty
There are a ton of the top 5 water filter pitcher guides out there, so this guide is going to give you the top 3 that we’ve found to give you some of the best filtering, and have the highest sales and reviews out there.

1. Brita 10-Cup Everyday Pitcher
Brita is by far one of the world’s most advertised, trusted, and world-class brands of portable water filtering, so it’s no surprise that it’s on the top of the list. This traditional 10 cup pitcher however is one of the best out there, as it’s easy to use, lightweight, and has the most basic features compared to some other top brands.

2. Aquagear Water Pitcher
 This pitcher is one of the best out there as it has a high NSF rating of 42 and 53 when it comes to contaminants it can filter. Its filter is made from high quality Chromium-6 and all of the materials are perfectly and easily recyclable as well. It can eliminate fluoride, lead, and chloramine (a common detergent used to treat water). It does only hold 8 cups however, and can take some time filtering the water from the top reservoir.

3. EHM Ultra Premium
Just like a real water filtration system, this 6-stage filter pitcher holds a whopping 14 cups on it. And it can literally just about remove every contaminant out of your water. It is built to enhance and make your pH levels in your water higher so you can ensure you’re getting the purest water possible. The only largest con of this product is not having a filter indicator, which is pretty important, but nevertheless not necessary.

When you’re looking to buy a water filter, you don’t necessarily want to get rid of everything in it, as some elements are designed to help things like our teeth, and bodies internally. However, you do want to get rid of harsh chemicals. You want a water filter that can help by lasting a while, and the only downside is that you have to buy replacement water filters. 

But nevertheless, these filters give you tasty water. You can literally fill them, sit them in the fridge when you go to bed, and when you wake up, you have a full pitcher of perfectly pure crystal clear ice water that is contaminant and sometimes even parasite free (yes, some filters are designed to eliminate this and more). Some filters even can eliminate harmful bacteria.