Craziest Cruises in the World
Are you a big fan of sun and sea? Then consider booking a cruise vacation, during which you can relax and sail from one beautiful place to another. Cruises are growing in popularity, and that is why more and more travel companies add cruise holidays to their offer. Yet, a wide variety of destinations and attractions that these cruises offer can make choosing one a difficult task.

For those vacationers who prefer a more intimate setting a boat charter or finding a relatively small organized cruise is a much better choice than getting aboard a gigantic floating city of a cruise ship.

Small cruises are cozy, you get more personal attention, and they are often catered to a specific type of traveler – like adventure? Going au naturel? Privacy and quiet? Chartering a small yacht or finding an organized cruise that specializes in exactly what you like makes your sailing vacation personalized. You can be sure that what you get will be to your liking, and without the touristy crowds that come with gigantic cruise ships.

If you DO prefer the all-inclusiveness of a huge and comfy cruise liner, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re not all cookie cutter cruises either. More and more, the popular cruise lines have thematic cruises that cater to adults only, or children with families, seniors and other specific groups that might want to stick together while at sea.

Here are just a few examples of the cruises available out there. If you like something different, there is a chance that there is something out there just for you:

1. Adults Only Cruise - Virgin Voyages

If you are looking for exclusive sea vacations without children onboard, then turn to none other than Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group has expanded into a cruise line, in addition to having popular airlines, casinos, hotels, mobile providers, and yes – even a space ship (and just about anything else that the Virgin Group has done over the past decades). Didn’t you suspect that a cruise ship was just bound to come along at some point?

And just like with any of their other ventures, Virgin does not disappoint. Their cruise ship is called the “Scarlet Lady” and is as expected - a mix of modern, naughty and futuristic. Not all adults fall in the same group, and the Scarlet Lady (set to sail in 2020) is a ship designed for the millennial. 

From the very shape of its bow to the designer cutting edge gyms, this is no retirement or kiddie cruise. It also has several solutions that are expected from any forward-thinking business: 

#byebyeplastics is a hashtag that you’ll see associated very closely with this cruise – they are aiming to have zero one-use plastics on board, and are relying on reusables and biodegradable materials to cater to you while you’re on board.

One-of-a-kind theatre at sea, with the ability to transform into any type of stage imaginable. You can enjoy a Broadway-style show, a circus, a rock concert or even a fashion show depending on when you board. 

The inaugural cruise is planned for April 2020 and will sail from Miami to the Caribbean. Tickets are available to book already and are sure to sell out soon. 

2. Ultimate Caribbean Bar Crawl

Do you like relaxing with a drink in your hand and watching the azure seas sparkle? 

If so, the Ultimate Caribbean Bar Crawl Cruise can help you to fulfill this dream. During the cruise, you will test the craziest and the most delicious drinks in the world and find out, why Pirates love rum so much. You will sip a mouth-watering Voodoo drink made up of diverse rums and a hint of delightful fruit juice (a Caribbean Long Island Ice Tea), visit several out-of-the-way places which will make you forget about the rest of the world, and learn a game of beachside corn hole. Why not discover drinks such as Passion Confusion, Blue Taboo, and famous Painkiller? This cruise guarantees that you will come back smiling wide, perfectly relaxed and happy, even if you’re just a little “seasick”. 

3. Cancun Boobs Cruise

The Cancun Boobs Cruise makes the wildest dreams come true! Experience one-of-a-kind adventure while admiring the unique waters of the Caribbean between Isla Mujeres and Cancun. During the voyage, the spectacular and endless adult party for liberated couples is being thrown allowing you to delve into the world of freedom & wild music. Therefore, you can easily meet many interesting and open-minded adults from different parts of the world who share their fun and openness. 

The celebration takes place on board of comfortable and extravagant catamarans and features buffet lunches along with open bars and other luxurious amenities. Cancun Boobs Cruise Catamarans are equipped with sophisticated sound systems operated by skilled DJs with exceptional music taste and feel. What is more, the crew will make their best to ensure that you have a great time. 

An amazing party is guaranteed.If you are looking for a cruise jam-packed with music, wild dancing, partying all day long, tasting the finest drinks & beverages, and experiencing topless fun, then booking Cancun Boobs Cruise is the best option for you!

4. Tenerife Viking Ragnarok Cruise

Are you crazy about Vikings and want to experience exceptional holidays? Consider booking Tenerife Viking Ragnarok Cruise. During this sail, you will travel onboard the impressive Viking ship called Drakkar, which will allow you to tour the most attractive sites of the Tenerife island, observe wild whales and dolphins, and experience the breathtaking views. 

What is more, during the sail, Viking warriors will teach you how to wield a sword, and you will have the opportunity to learn how to punch your own coins. And, if you are eager to know the future, there will be an option to visit an ancient oracle and uncover the truth written in mysterious runes.

The cruise features numerous attractions for younger passengers such as treasure hunt and exploring the Drakkar nooks. And to make the whole journey even more realistic and fun, all travelers can dress the outfits from the Viking era.

On the board of the Drakkar, the most excellent beer and wine is served, making the voyage even more interesting. If you are dreaming of an adventure filled to the brim with an environment of the Vikings, delicious drinks, food, battle shows, and other attractions, don’t hesitate to book Tenerife Viking Ragnarok Cruise!

5. Marietas Islands: Puerto Vallarta Cruise with snorkeling

For travelers who are nature lovers, cruise with snorkeling is a must. If you want to relax enjoying a tropical marine life, meeting bottlenose dolphins, and swimming around Banderas Bay; thus this cruise is for you. Known simply as the Snorkel Cruise from Puerto Vallarta, it’s very pocket-friendly and short - perfect for a weekend getaway. 
Experience a large variety of wildlife and discover hidden wonders of Banderas Bay and the Mexican Pacific. This cruise offers you the out of the ordinary opportunity to observe animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, whales, giant manta rays, all in their native surroundings! 

Explore the warm and crystal-clear waters encircling the Marietas Islands and enjoy swimming, kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling. The region is also a perfect destination for bird lovers since there are numerous exceptional bird species out there. If you are planning Puerto Vallarta holidays, this eco-adventure will definitely match your expectations.


As you can see, cruise holidays can be a perfect choice for lifelong memories and breathtaking adventures. We hope that you will find the cruise option that matches your expectations, so you can enjoy the sun & water as much as you can.