Golf carts are some of the most fun recreational vehicles out there. They may not look big and foreboding like a monster truck does, but you can still have a lot of fun with them. 

There are many rules for golf carts when they’re on the green of the courses where they belong. However, more and more people are now using golf carts as their recreational vehicles in public settings. Which is why it is important to understand the rules that apply when you’re driving your golf cart in public. Below are three things you should know and follow.

Pedestrians Still Rule

Even though a golf cart may seem like a microsized vehicle, you still have to be considerate of any pedestrians you may come across. Their safety relies on you being alert and proactive while you’re driving your golf cart. 

Remember that a golf cart is considered a moving vehicle, which means that it is still subject to standard rules of the road for moving vehicles. When you see pedestrians, the same rules would apply if you were in a standard-size sedan or small car. 

Even though your golf cart isn’t the size of a standard car, you still have to be fully aware of any people around you. Since it’s common knowledge that most pedestrians may look and not necessarily see the vehicle that you’re in, it’s on you to take extra precautions to ensure not only your safety but that of the pedestrians as well.

Drive like a Car, Think like a Bike

An Easy Go golf cart has agility and is highly mobile, but the slower speed can sometimes make the driver forget that they’re still in a moving vehicle. The key here is to drive it like it’s a car but think of it like it’s a bike. 

You will also want to think of your golf cart as a bike in how you follow signs that are allotted for bikers. Also, like a biker, remember to signal each move as you’re driving your golf cart, even if you don’t see any other cars, carts, or pedestrians around you. 

If you’re in an area where there are specific sections for golf carts only, then you will be driving along that path as opposed to in the bike lane.

Follow Local Laws

Local laws for moving vehicles still apply when you’re driving a golf cart.

That means that you need to continue to stay in lanes allotted for golf carts, ensure that you’re paying attention to any pedestrians or other vehicles that are on the road, and you adhere to any signs for stopping, yielding, or speed limit posted. 

The key is to remember to ask what local laws are regarding golf carts. Not every city has the same laws, so you will want to ensure that you understand where you can go and cannot go with the golf cart. 

Stay Away from Hazards

Since the golf cart is small, staying away from any perceived or significant and real hazards will be imperative to keep your golf cart intact. 

If you’re on a course, then you will see markings for how far your golf cart can go in order to keep it a safe distance away from any water or other hazards that may affect the safe function of your golf cart. If you’re on a public road, then you will need to use your discretion when it comes to perceived hazards and whether or not a golf cart should be near them. 

It’s safe to say that things like ponds, pools, deep puddles, potholes, or debris on the road are hazards you should steer clear of as you are driving. 


Golf carts are fun! But driving them safely is what’s going to be key to keeping them staying fun for you and yours. The rules listed here are not just about etiquette. They’re about helping you keep yourself and those around you safe. 

Use these tips to ensure that, as you’re driving your golf cart in public, you’re able to continue to use it in a responsible and respectful manner, but remember to check with local municipal officials before taking your golf cart out on any road, since regulations vary from city to city.