All our lives, we look forward to that one day every year. We don’t know why it matters, we don’t know what’s so great about it, but our Birthdays are meant to be special. Hence the significance of birthday parties is nothing short of a never ending fiesta, a ‘save the date’ bash which carries on for rest of our lives.

But those who have the most fun are, you guessed it right—kids. After all, it is our childhood where birthday parties begin to make sense and this builds on for times to come. Birthday parties are nothing short of a gala for kids. They dream of it in ways that trace cornerstones of human imagination—and kids have a vivid thought process. Kids love to have it their own way, and when it comes to birthday parties, it is crucial that we don’t let these chirping birds down.

Throwing a birthday party is a fun experience for parents as well. The preparation, hanging up the décor, choosing the perfect cake and of course—witnessing the priceless smiles on kids’ faces. Birthday parties are an innovative affair, and as parents, you have to think of something new every year for your kids. This is why we’ve got you covered with the best birthday party blueprint. 

The Bricks4kidz Lego Birthday Party!

When it comes to birthdays, they are all about endless fun & frolic. There are many themes to take into consideration when it comes to birthday parties. We’re not talking SpongeBob Square Pants or Adventure time—kids crave for something to feed their healthy minds. And what gives young minds a better workout than a Lego-themed birthday bash?

Build up the excitement brick by brick and your kid’s going to have the best birthday bash ever!The Bricks4kidz birthday party package doesn’t just end when the party ends. The fun and frolic stays on for long times to come. Let’s look at the Bricks4kidz party fiesta package and see what it’s about.

Did you know that Bricks4kidz Birthday Party package in Atlanta includes the latest Lego Mindstorms EV3? Spark the rocket science spirit in your kids on your birthday and give them a taste of cutting edge robotics technology with the Mindstorms EV3. 

Little Builders Party 

Price: This package from Bricks4kidz just costs $225, and is the best fit for up to 10 builders. There’s an additional charge of $8 per builder.

This one’s made for kids aged six years or more, and the one-hour-fifteen-minute session is well worth the money. After all, it’s the look on kids’ faces and their priceless smiles that matter. The Little Builders Party Package comes up with basic stack of Legos along with the technic ones.

Here’s a complete look at what this package includes:

The Birthday Star would be gifted a special present along with a t-shirt.
A jolly Bricks4kidz host would make the party as awesome as it can get by assisting in all activities and games.
Team Bricks4kidz brings along a HUGE tub of Lego bricks for kids to show their creativity. There’s no need to decide your own games as you can leave the tough task to Bricks4kidz.
Does your child have a keen interest in any specific Legos? If that’s so, then the Lego Model Builds and other activities are directed towards the children’s interests.
Get ready to hand out the coolest return gift ever.Each child will receive at least one Lego figure to keep!
No matter what’s your location of choice as the Bricks4kidz team would love to visit!

Master Builder Birthday Party

Price: Costing just $250 for an hour and fifteen minutes, this package caters to 10 builders. After that, it’s $10 per additional builder.

For kids aged seven to thirteen years, the Master Builder Package features the latest Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robots to build, tweak and toy around with. Kids will get to play, build, customize, and battle through a variety of our EV3 Mindstorm Robots and games. This includes all features from the Little Builders Party Package along with the state-of-the-art Lego Robots.

Ultimate Builder Birthday Party

Price: $400; $15 per additional builder.

This one includes all contents from above two packages along with special Loot Boxes for all the kids! The contents of The Loot Box are:

Special Bricks4Kidz Wrist Bracelet
Unique LEGO Minibuilds (featuring between 10-40 pieces)
Unique LEGO Dogtags
LEGO Color Disk Launcher
LEGO Themed Bouncy ball
LEGO Key Chain

This will turn out to be the perfect birthday bash for your kid. Not only would s/he be famous amongst his/her Lego-fanatic friends, but s/he’ll cherish this for life. Call up Bricks4kidz and fill out the Birthday Party form today!