If you are familiar with the carbon fiber wallets, you already know that they are a perfect choice for men. The wallets bring many wonderful experiences to the users due to their strong material and lesser weight. For example, Slimthin carbon fiber wallets exude luxuriousness, durability and strength, which are some of things that you need to protect your everyday carry. The wallets can meet most of your demanding requirements in addition to providing you with a classier appearance.

What you should know about carbon fiber

Even though plastic is a great option when it comes to trimming down the weight of your wallet, it cannot match the strength of carbon fiber or its cool factor. The minimalist and slim wallets are becoming the standard and most men are foregoing leather for this material. The material is super comfortable on the back and front pocket. Here are some of the things you should know about carbon fiber wallets.

- The benefits

The wallets offer two main benefits for the users – weight and strength. Because the producers wove the carbon fibers together, the increased tension makes them stronger. Therefore, instead of pulling apart, the fibers will bond together. The fibers measure a few micrometers meaning that the manufacturers can put thousands or millions of fibers together and keep them virtually weightless.

The material is resistant to chemicals and temperatures. That might sound as not important but if you have ever left a wallet in a vehicle on a hot day or spilt something on it, you should start seeing why the carbon fiber material makes sense.

- The production

Another important thing to remember when shopping for a carbon wallet is that the carbon fiber is more expensive to produce. There is no mass production for this product which means that the producers have to make a piece after the other. In other words, they take many hours to produce the wallets physically and therefore ensure that they are of great quality. That should be in your mind, particularly whenever you come across the cheap wallets marketed as carbon fiber wallets.

- The cost

A real carbon fiber wallet should be retailing for more than $10 and one that is retailing at a lower amount there are chances that it is not real. It is more likely one of the imitation coatings available on the internet or a wrap over cheap plastics. From what we know, you will need around $20-30 to get a quality carbon fiber wallet.

Realistically, you are likely to find those of higher quality retaining at $60-$100. Remember that the manufacturers are likely to use a varying amount of carbon fiber during the production. Therefore, a wallet that is 90 percent carbon fiber will be of higher quality than a counterpart that consists of 20 percent carbon fiber.

- The finishes

Generally, manufacturers provide two types of finishes – the matte and gloss finishes. They achieve that through the applications which are either dry or wet. Wet applications provide gloss finish while the dry ones produce matte finish. The wet finish is usually heavier compared to dry one; you will hardly realize the weight difference because it is negligible.


When searching for a wallet, you will have to consider several things such as the materials, the outlook, storage space and the dimensions. Also, check whether you can use the wallet for long time or not. Even more, ensure that it is fashionable, compact and not bulky. A carbon fiber wallet will definitely provide the features that you desire.