As a parent, you want to protect your children from all the bad things in life. You want to save them from every scrape, you want to save them from heartbreak, you want nothing but the best. Unfortunately, this is impossible to guarantee. Instead of trying to achieve the impossible, it is far better to be realistic about life and help them prepare for it. 

You cannot guarantee they will never get into an accident, but you can teach them how to respond to one. You cannot save them from heartbreak, but you can give them the tools and support they need to learn and grow stronger. 

What doesn’t bring us down, makes us better, which is why instead of shielding your children, you should follow this guide on how to help your children through significant events like accidents, the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, job loss, and so much more: 

Before a Significant Event 

The best time to start preparing your children for a significant life event is beforehand. 

Be Honest With Them From the Start 

The unknown is often what is the scariest, so being honest with your children about the state of the world can be beneficial. This doesn’t mean you need to go into explicit detail, but outlining what happens in, say, a car accident and how long it can take to recover can give them the assurance that they will heal, even if it takes time. 

Teach Them How to Handle Emergencies 

Children are often taught how to handle fires and other drills at school, and it can be best to continue this at home. From a house fire, to carbon monoxide alarms going off, to even someone getting cut with the kitchen knife. This way they know how to react and can reduce the damage.

After a Significant Event 

All the preparation cannot stop things from happening, which is why you will also want to: 

Give Them Steps to Walk Through 

When your child is hurting, or someone around them is hurting, sometimes the best thing is to tell the steps that will happen and to give them a new healthy routine. From their recovery process to ways to make themselves feel better. Steps mean there will be progress. 

Create a Buffer for Them 

It is always best to try to keep a buffer for them. For example, if you have been in a car accident then enlist the help of who will connect you with an attorney best suited to your individual case. This way you will have the financial foothold to cover your medical bills and pay for rehabilitation. If it is either you or your child that has been hurt, this can be a ver