Most travelers to Jamaica often travel in groups. However, your vacation on the Caribbean island can be so much fun and satisfying if you choose to do solo travels.

Traveling solo gives you the flexibility to move around and experience the best places at your own time and preference. Group travels are inflexible, and you may not get to enjoy your favorite activities. They follow a strict time table, and that may not be ideal for the free-spirited traveler.

If you choose to travel solo, the following tips may prove useful.

Know where to Visit and not Visit, and Mode of Transport
It is not every place that is worth visiting in Jamaica. The Caribbean island has a not-so-good reputation in terms of crime, and it is always best to avoid certain areas. If necessary, ask for information about specific places and don't shy away from asking whether a particular location is safe.

Make use of coastal buses and route taxis to move from one place to the other. This form of transport has more flexibility and covers a lot of area on the Caribbean island. More importantly, have a plan for the places to visit.

We must insist on a plan since Jamaica has so many places to visit and it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you are free to exercise a little flexibility. That is what makes traveling in Jamaica, solo, so much fun.

Places to stay
Solo travelers are more flexible than groups. Therefore, choosing a hotel or guest house is quite easy since you don't need to consult and agree. Even better, there are numerous options to choose from as a solo traveler.

If you fancy hiking, then you will love Portland area, the safest and most lush area in Jamaica. The Goblin Hill villa is a decent place to stay. Another good place is the Sunrise Club, just across the beach.

Places to go
There are numerous places for solo travelers to experience, and Jamaica is never short of fun places. For hikers, the Blue Mountains provide the best hiking spot. Your guide can get you to Whitfield Hall, the starting point.

You will also enjoy bamboo rafting and see the various waterfalls and springs. Great spots for bamboo rafting include Martha Brae and the Rio Grande. These areas are not short of guides, and so you will be in good company.

You can as well hang out with the local Rastafarian community in particular guesthouses. Places like St. Thomas have several of these guest houses where you will appreciate the local culture and traditions.

For campers, Strawberry Fields is a legal camping ground for singles and couples. It is safe and lush to provide some of the best camping experience in Jamaica.

The camping grounds are perfect if you cannot afford a high-end resort in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay. There are thatch-roofed cottages and bed tents spread across the campground, and you can easily choose the one you prefer for a quiet evening.