The reception desk is the first thing to observe whenever visitors are entering a hotel, office, salon, and so on. As it is the place where guests are welcomed, it says a lot about establishment of an area and how organized an administration is. Reception desk has to look amiable and interesting like modern reception desks. They come in all kinds of unusual shapes and with unique designs & features particularly adapted to make guests feel great.

Reception area is where first impressions are made, and you need to make those impressions remarkable. The space should be approachable and awe-inspiring. But that is not plenty. You will have to distinguish yourself from the crowd and needs to reflect your organization’s unique character.

Reception desk made of wood and glass:
This great combination of glass & wood is chronic in modern designs and often come in surprising forms. The way the two materials are combined together is to feel really natural. Since wood is pretty much varied and is available in different forms, you will see so many of unique and unusual reception desk designs, one more interesting than the other.

Have you ever seen a reception desk which is 25-foot-long eucalyptus log?
Yes, you heard it right, a 25-foot-long eucalyptus log reception desk. This is a rare design made of wood and glass. The light breaks through the cracks in the wood blocks and this gives the reception desk a really cool & bright look. 

Concrete designs:
Quit varied as well as advanced, concrete is stuff known for its ability to leap out in the most uncommon ways. As far as reception desks are concerned, concreteness can make them look rough around the edges, smooth and stylish. 

Simple and eye-catching:
The simplest designs that are both stylish and worthwhile often the best ones; hence, synchronous reception areas almost always manipulate this strategy and manage to surpass in all the varieties of coolheaded ways. There are contemporary reception desks, which are minimalist and uses LED lights to highlight its design and it looks amazingly beautiful.

Geometric shaped reception desks:
You would not have seen geometrical shaped reception desks but these are among the most stylish and sophisticated designs. On the top, they have sharp edges and the whole area is lightened up by lamps that are hung on the top of the wall. They can also be designed differently depending upon your requirements or how you want it to be.   
Warm colours for Reception desks:
While the conservative, white, light brown and greyish purple spaces predominated look can be very cool, it can also come as a bit of cold and stern. An ideal palate for this style is warm without being too bright. It can also be combined with softer textures and make clients feel at home. Domestic-style accents like potted plants, lamps, curtains and area rugs in the reception area can all add a feeling of additional comfort to a space.