Stylish look, fun with friends, college trips, annual functions and lot more. Your time in college is the best time in your life. But it can become the toughest one if you are not good in some tough subjects. And that’s why you need to learn some study hacks that make leaning easy and help you achieve high grades in your final exams.

1. Eat well
It’s a proven fact that you can’t focus on anything with an empty tummy. So, eat healthy food in appropriate quantity. Especially, eat something light and healthy before you start studying. It will help your brain focus on what you read and memorize more.
2. Sleep well
Ignoring good sleep and studying for late nights is common among students, especially when exams are closer. But if you want to be good in your study and perform well in your exams, you have to sleep well. Sleep of no less than 7 hours is inevitable for good health and better performance in your study.

3. Stay fit
This is another important factor. Your mind can function at its full capacity only if you are fit and healthy. Do exercise or practice yoga and meditation daily. If you can’t get enough time, Surya Namaskara can be the quickest and the best exercise for you. It will make your body and mind fit and sharp and will improve your concentration level and grasping power.

4. Start studying early
An obvious reason why students suffer in their exam is they don’t start studying early. Trying to cover everything in the last few days before exams will not help. If you want to avoid stress and do well in the exams, start studying from the first day of your college term. Preparing for tough exams not only means working hard but also a proper planning and study schedule is important. The guide on ExamGenius regarding various preparatory books can get you started.

5. Study in small parts
You can’t eat all three meals of the day at once. Same way, you can’t complete studying everything at once. Many students do this and that only adds stress to their life. Therefore, avoid studying for multiple chapters or problems at once. Instead of that, study in smaller portions every day. One chapter or one problem at a time and then a break or switch to another subject will work well.

6. Take a break after every two hours of study
Same as previous tip, studying for a longer period will put a lot of stress on your brain. As a result, your brain would not be able to memorize all that you studied. It’s a proven fact that by taking a break after a small study period like 2 hours will freshen up your mind and will boost your memory. If you are afraid of not meeting deadlines, you are always welcome here: 

Take a walk or do a light exercise. You can also do a breathing exercise as it will improve the flow of oxygen to your brain. In this way taking small breaks at regular intervals will really help achieve better results in your study.

7. Read in good light
Reading in an area with bright light is highly recommended for better clarity and focus. Never read under dim light as it may also harm your eyesight apart from affecting your focus and memory negatively. Use bright light in your study location as it will help you read with clarity and will bring better results.

8. Study in the morning
Morning time is the most productive time of the day. It’s the time when you are fresh as you have just finished sleep. Use early morning time to do your most important task as a student, i.e. study, as most of the world is at rest and the surrounding is calm and peaceful. It will surely help improve your results.

9. Study in a group
When you study in a group, you can learn faster. It allows students to share knowledge, help each other in clearing doubts, and solve difficult problems. Apart from that, it also provides you an enjoyable environment and an opportunity to learn on your own as a group. Studying in a group helps you clear your doubts without going to your professors most of the time.

So, make a group of bright students and study together. You will see its benefits in your exam results.

10. Change study location setups regularly
According to several studies, if you keep studying in the same setup daily, your subconscious mind gets accustomed to it. And when you appear for the test, it can’t match that setup with your study location. This can affect your performance in the exams.

Due to this you should change your study location and settings regularly. This way, you train your subconscious mind to adapt to different location and environment.

11. Use background music
Music is very powerful and can have an effect on your mind. Soft and calm music can calm your mind while loud and noisy music can agitate it. You can use this as a beneficial factor for your study.
Listening to your favorite music in the background while studying improves your concentration and grasping capacity. It can also enable you to study for a longer period. So, take some good music tracks and play them when you are reading.

12. Use visuals to memorize points
We can memorize more of what we see than what we read. Your mind can remember more when it is stored as visual inputs compared to the test-based inputs. So, to improve your memory and be able to recall when needed, start using charts, pictures, and different color notes. You can also conceptualize some facts and figures in the form of a story, and it will be very easy to remember it on your exam day.

13. Stay organized
Organized people get more success. This is because by being organized, you leave more space and capacity of your mind for other useful and productive things. The same thing applies to study. Be organized by keeping things at proper places, follow a schedule and take notes to be used later as reminders. This will allow you more time to study and ultimately improve your results.

14. Keep your room and study desk clean
This is the same as being organized. A clean room and desk send positive messages to your subconsciousness and it creates a positive effect on your overall performance. Your habits are reflected in your writings and thoughts. You should keep your room and desk clean. You will see the benefits of this habit in your exams results.

15. Write notes and formulas
One of the best ways to feed your mind with the best exam material in the last minutes is to use notes. Also, when you write something, there are more chances to memorize it for the long term. So, make notes of important points and write formulas that you can go through quickly before the exam. Have a separate notebook for each subject to note important points so that you can refer to it later at the time of the exam.

We hope you would find these study hacks very useful in improving your learning and test results.

Best wishes!
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Stephanie Ward is an academic writer and editor, expert at writing guides for students.