Going on holiday is a great way to get out into nature and see the beauty of the world. If you are a nature lover, then it can sometimes be difficult to choose where to go on holiday because there are so many different places to go with outstanding natural beauty. You will want to tick as many of these places off of your list over the years and see the great diversity of the planet. 

With this in mind, here are a few of the best places for nature lovers to travel to which will allow them to be in awe of mother nature.

1. Chile

Chile is one of the more unique destinations in the entire world as it features such astonishingly diverse scenery. This is because it is a very long yet narrow country which stretches along South America’s western edge, which means that here you will find huge mountain ranges, gushing rivers, rolling meadows, arid desert, beautiful glaciers and much more. 

2. Finland

Finland is a winter wonderland filled with snow-covered forests, glassy blue lakes and rocky mountains. It is also one of the best places to see the majestic Northern Lights, which is something that every nature lover should witness at some point in their life. 

Finland is an incredibly pretty and peaceful place which means that it can be a wonderful retreat (as long as you don’t mind the cold!).

3. Tenerife

All of the Canary Islands are beautiful in their own right, but Tenerife is arguably the best for nature lovers (and also the largest). Here you will find alluring sandy and pebble beaches, volcanic terrain, huge craters, diverse vegetation and much more. It is best known for the imposing Mt. Teide, a dormant volcano which is also the highest peak in all of Spain at 12,198 ft. There are many lovely villas in Tenerife which would provide you with the perfect base for getting out and exploring this beautiful island each day and somewhere for chilling out after a long day.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland, specifically the Swiss Alps, provide truly breathtaking scenery and it is somewhere that nature lovers and winter sports fans adore. The dramatic snowy peaks contrast beautifully against the blue sky, and the colorful wildflowers are something to behold. You will also find bright green meadows which add to the idyllic and incredibly pretty scenery found in this part of the world.

5. Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country but one that is packed full of natural beauty and bright colors. Here you will find thick forest, rolling hills, rugged cliffs, huge waterfalls and stunning lakes often in the same setting. Lake Bled, in particular, is an area of jaw-dropping beauty which has to be seen to be believed.

The world has many stunning areas that any lover of nature will appreciate visiting and these are just a few of the best places. There is nothing quite like traveling to somewhere new and seeing mother nature at her most beautiful and you certainly will not be disappointed with what these countries have to offer.