Family is about everything we need for social support. Family is all about love and how each member of the family is emotionally attached with each other such that whatever happens to one person, everyone gets affected by that. Each member of the family share their moments with one another either good or bad. Family is the strongest unit of the society. In the most critical times, when a family member is facing some sorrow, pain or loss, each member gets united and share with one another. All the families are different; some people are close with their families while some face problems with their families. 

Source: Do Choi Tinh Duc Cho Nu

Values and Principles of Family

Every family has also different values, but the most common part of them is Love. Sometimes you don’t want to be with them because they make you angry and frustrated but deep down you know that you cannot live without them and you would do anything for them.  

Principles taught to the families and providing practical skills helps them to strengthen their relation resulting in a happy and a productive life. Strong families help to build their individuals as role models of the society which results in the positive impact in later life. Some people grow up with the families, who don’t care about each other and what is happening in their lives. People who don’t get care for their families, get close to their friends who support them in every situation. Family is not only about the people with whom you have a blood relation. Even people with non-blood relations love and support each other in every situation. You can never distance yourself from your blood relations unless they harm you in some way. If proper love is not given to the children from their parents, they get distant and thus, face consequences in the later life. 

What makes a family?

When we talk about the traditional meaning of the word family then it means that the people that make the family are the father, mother and the children. And this is also something that our society and the things that are even shown on the televisions feature these types of members to makes a family. In the modern era, the concept of the family is taken to be different and very vast as compared to the family terms and the meaning in the past. We can see from the today world that there are so many of the different cases in the different scenarios when children are often raised in the grandparents’ home or other members. There can be different barriers within the families that led to the different choices and the decisions to be taken among a family. 

Friends as family

There are so many  people that are not actually the real part of the family that you belong but they also play a vital role and amazing part in your life and these people are sometimes even more close to you than your actual family members might be and these are your true friends. Due to some of the unfortunate events or accidents there are cases when the people often lose their real family members or even the whole families and then there come up the people that make you feel like the family in them and gives you the happiness and the joy that you really deserve from a family and the loved ones. They make the amazing effort and show great interest and love in making a part of your family against that you have lost. This kind of family unit that is being built with the amazing people that are your friends, makes the best and the amazing social support structure for you in the form of a family. Everyone have friends and it depends upon how much of the affection and the care that they have for each other and this makes them the real friend to be a part of the family they are in. 

Types of families

There are different terms and names that are given or associative with the word family and this makes the different types of families to be given different names as being a supportive and caring unit of people. 

Nuclear family system: this term is also being used for the conjugal family system and it basically means that the parents and the children are living in the same residence together with each other and this makes them share the strongest bond of love and care for each other. This is one of the best and the most desired trait for the amazing and the better bonding of the parents and the children to be in the happy and amazing family.

Extended family system: including the relatives in the close proximities and this can include a number of different people like the addition of the grandparents, the cousins and the uncle and aunt’s. In this type of the extended family system, the people usually share all the units and this is divided amongst the people with their roles and duties. The more commonly used word for this type of the family system is called the joint family system and this is something that you have been listening quiet a lot in the past and present as well. 

The complex family system: when we talk about the complex family, this means that there are two or three adults living in the same residence with every adult having their own family with the children. There can be reasons for making of these types of family like the divorce or the remarriages of the people. 

Adopted family: this is one of the usual cases in modern world that you will encounter in the term family. This is basically the sharing of the bonding between the family members but they are not connected genetically. This happens when parents might adopt a child because they are not having their own because of the medical conditions or by choice and this gives them the option of taking one for the adoption. There can also be the case that one parent might adopt the children of the other parent and this makes the care and the love for each other and be a part of the family. 

Defining your family

To create the definition of your own family there has to be connection, structure, care and love for the people that are genetically connected to you. This basic concept of the family is important for the people to live a happy and loving life in which there are people who love and have care for you. The care, values, beliefs and the traditional love comes under this amazing word that is called family.  There has to be the common experiences and different activities within the families that make the great and strong connection for the better living and having the secure future.


Family is one of the great blessings of God for the people to have and it is received by the lucky ones that have the support, love and the care in the form of a family. You might know a lot of people having mother or just father or brother or just the sisters, but if you have the complete form of the word family then you are truly blessed in this world. This makes you one of those people that can share their lives with their family members and can get to know the opinions and have discussion with them. Having the best time with your family is the one thing that the people really need to value for themselves and there are even some people who even after having families don’t spend much time with them  and take them for granted by not giving much of the time and care to the family members that they should prioritize the most.