Whether you plan on traveling around the world with your bag or making a daily commute, you need to know which are the safest to tote around. Safety and security are paramount in a bag because most people travel with their most treasured possessions inside, but what are the features an ideal backpack or bag should have?

Ergonomics might seem like a strange thing to prioritize, but having a good posture, no back pain, and a steady stance are a vital component of backpack safety. Check that the straps on the backpack you choose are thickly padded. They should feature a wide ‘S' shape across the front and shoulders.  

Even if you think that a laptop, some books, and a cell phone don’t add up to be that heavy, you should still consider the ergonomics of the backpack. There is always the occasional heavy file you need to bring home. If you are off-balance, it’s easier for you to fall or be pushed. 

Anti-Theft Backpacks
Everyone needs an anti-theft backpack. It is like walking around with a portable safe with you at all times. They have hidden pockets and zipper closures that hide away all the devices that thieves target. These are camouflaged so well that it doesn’t even look like you are carrying a device at all.

Anti theft bags are specifically designed to make it harder, even impossible, to steal your bag from you. They have specially crafted RFID (radio frequency identification) pockets to prevent the possibility of your credit cards and passport being scanned. They also have a metal-mesh lining to stop the material from being slashed open. 

Not all crime is committed with you knowing about it. Anti-theft backpacks and bags protect you from hidden crimes done behind your back—literally.

Traveling, Hiking, and Waiting
Not everyone has transport lined up for them whenever they need it. This is why you need to make sure that your backpack is completely weatherproof. Some materials on the market will definitely keep the elements out, but be sure they don't make the bag too heavy.

If you are hiking and aren't sure what weather you are going to experience, you have two choices. You can choose to get a backpack that is waterproof (and marginally heavier), or you can pack a waterproof covering in your backpack to carry around with you. Both ways are effective.

Many people carrying backpacks and bag don’t consider the possibility of being stuck waiting, riding, or walking in the rain or snow. When you want to protect your devices from being damaged by accidental water exposure, buy a waterproof and weatherproof bag. Doing this will not add a significant amount to your payment, and it is worth it to have the peace of mind a weatherproof bag will bring.

There are many different styles and colors of backpack and bags on the market, but the most important thing to consider is safety.