The modern day digitally driven world of marketing has made people angry and frustrated because where ever they go whether it be Instagram or Facebook, or using any education related app or even when playing games on their smart phone they keep on seeing hoops of advertisements. Because of this reasons a sort of resentment has grown inside people to just block and ignore the ads and not trust such businesses which is why amazing brochure prints are back in trend for marketing tools of various businesses.

A research done by the Bentley university even suggested how relevant fine brochure prints can be:-
70% of tourists and visitors tend to pick up brochures.
95% visitors who pick up the brochure actually read the brochure and become familiar with the business.
80% of people who read the brochure actually consider visiting the business and using their services.

These statistics single handedly show that brochures still have a very big impact of customer behavior and these are some of the reasons why brochures are still very important any business in helping them sell their products and services:- 

Small startups and all new businesses hardly have any budget for marketing their products and services and yet this is something they really need to do in order to start their business. This is why brochure prints are the best tools of marketing for such businesses because of the tight budget and even if compared to marketing tools, these are the most cost effective marketing options. One can easily create their brochure themselves because of so many good free websites like canvas and many others. The thing with brochures is, the more one buys in bulk the more cheaply it gets because the price decreases significantly. Not only that brochure will display one's business products and services but it will also have their details and contact numbers on them so it will act as a visiting card too. Thus the businesses can save on that too.

Focused Branding
Most advertisements on Instagram and Facebook are visible to people for a second because people scroll so fast. So the person if not fully interested in the genre of service and product would move ahead in a second and forget the advertisement in no time. This is the biggest downside to the digital marketing. But a brochure provides a longer exposure of business products and services to their clients and customers. Thus brochure is a better option in establishing a brand identity and most customers tend to recall the brand when they require their services.

Reach Target Audience
Another big advantage of brochure type marketing is that businesses can easily make sure that their brochure reaches the target customer because a human is still best way to know what kind of service is this person looking for and whether one will be willing to buy it or not. If one has all the correct addresses they can simply send their brochure and get a customer and client. A good looking brochure placed through the doors or the mailbox is the best way to get noticed.