Every occasion and memories of life are made special with flowers. It can be a proposal or anniversaries or birthdays. Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things in the nature. Flower delivery from Violet's Florist always brings in such happiness with the refreshing fragrances. With its biggest part in every happy occasion, flowers have gained more popularity recently as compared to the past. And so have the florists. This has kindled everyone to start a flower shop compromising the quality, beauty and fragrance. 

Here is a guide to buy flowers that will bring freshness and spread happiness with its beauty and smell!


Good fragrances of flowers always bring good hope. This is achievable only when the flowers are delivered on time

On time deliveries of flowers help to keep them fresh
They need to be neatly and securely packed to avoid damages during transport
A refrigerated delivery is highly appreciable
Same day deliveries are the mandatory option when it comes to flower deliveries
Such a delivery is achievable only if the company is quick in responding

Choice of Florist

A bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that give flowers. This is so true when it comes to selecting the florist.

The florist should respond to complaints immediately
Immediate replacement option should be available in case of emergencies
The florist company should allow their customers to contact the support personnel
A good florist has a built in choices for special days like birthdays, valentines, etc. Apart from this he should also allow customer choice of bouquet arrangement

Random Facts About Florists

Most florists restock on Mondays. Therefore, one can ask for offers when he is ordering on weekends
Observe the bottom of the blossom to check for the number of petals removed. This will help to identify the age of the flower and how long it will withstand
Always smell the flowers before buying them. As many florists are breeding the flowers for long vase life and lengthy stem. This compromises the fragrance unfortunately
Never buy flowers near a fruit shop. This is because fruits emit ethylene gas. So even kept in a separate bowl metres away could kill the flowers fast.
Selecting local flowers is always a wise option as it stays longer and more economical

Different Types Of Florists

At supermarkets - Less professional and economical. They do not sell all types. Their Main purpose is to save time rather finding a florist
Florist Shops - Professionals and could provide the arrangements of the bouquet as asked for. Same day deliveries are very well coordinated by them
Street stalls - They are now trending in big cities like London, New York. They are usually cheaper. However beware of the old stock piles they stall on.
Studio Florist -They are trained florists owning 5 to 10 shops
Event Florists - They specialize in arrangement of flowers

New rare fresh all weather good fragrance flower delivery from violet’s florist brings in joy and smile on every face around it!