Are you planning a trip to New Zealand and don’t know what to take with you? Choosing the right clothing is the key to a wonderful vacation or a worry-free business trip.

If you are planning to take dresses with you in December, will you have the chance to show them off? Should you bring your favorite shorts in May?

We’ve done a little bit of research to help you with your struggle to pack the right clothing without exceeding the baggage limit.

1. Bring Dress And Heels
If you are planning to walk around eight hours a day, heels seem to be out of the question. However, if you are thinking of a relaxing night out at North Island, you can’t forget to dress up.

You can find plenty of nice places in Auckland where you would look downright strange in jeans and sneakers. Beautiful dresses and heels are the only way to go. So, make sure to pack an outfit for a night out.

New Zealand clothing experts at Boxhill believe that you haven’t seen New Zealand if you haven’t worn a beautiful dress to one of the posh Auckland restaurants.

2. Don’t Forget Jeanes And Shorts
If you are more into taking long walks and visiting hard-to-reach places, jeans and shorts should find a spot in your luggage. If you are traveling to South Island, you are unlikely to find places where dresses and heels are a must-have.

Bring something comfortable to walk around in. You can wear the same thing you did for an afternoon walk when you come into the nearest bar.

3. Consider a Warm Jacket And Pants
If you are planning to visit New Zealand in the fall or winter, you need to get ready for rather cool weather. Even though it’s never terribly cold in the country, you might face freezing temperatures.

If you are planning to take long walks, bring a warm jacket and weatherproof pants with you. Rain and snow are common for New Zealand in fall and winter. So make sure your clothing can withstand the elements.

The weather in the North Island is warmer than in the South Island. However, you still need to be ready for some cold temperatures. If you are planning to visit the country between June and October, snow is highly likely.

4. Pack The Rain Jacket
If you are planning to come to New Zealand in spring or summer, get ready for some warm sunshine and rain. Just because this country gets over 2,000 sunny hours per year, it doesn’t mean you can avoid precipitation during the warm months.

You should always carry a rain jacket in your backpack when you set out on a walking trip. The warmest sunshine can turn into heavy rain before you can say “rain jacket”.

5. Break In The Shoes
Everyone who plans to see New Zealand rather than just enjoying the nightlife in Auckland and Wellington has to bring in the most comfortable shoes they can think of. The key to feeling excellent during the trip to New Zealand is to break in the shoes before coming.

New shoes can spell disaster for any traveler since they may not turn out to be what you expect them to. However, if you end up with uncomfy shoes in New Zealand, you can always buy a nice pair at the nearest store.

Traveling to New Zealand has numerous nuances besides knowing what to wear. Make sure you always check the weather before going because the reversed seasons may be tricky for an American or European traveler.