We are always looking for the best kitchen tools and cutlery. This is why going for top brand is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are looking for kitchen knives. Cutco knives are one of the top names in the industry. You can find a large selection of knives for all your needs there. You can also benefit from reading Cutco knives reviews in forming a general idea about this particular brand. 

What you need to know about Cutco?

Cutco is a major manufacturer of knives. The company has been around for decades. If you are looking for new additions for your kitchen knives, you should know many facts about Cutco:

1- The knives are backed by the forever guarantee

All Cutco products are built to last for more than you can imagine. The company is using high-quality materials and efficient production methods to guarantee the product's durability. The forever guarantee covers the sharpness and performance of the knives. The company is also showing faith on their products by offering a 15-day money back guarantee. You can have full refund if you are not happy with the product's quality or performance. 

2- Long history in the industry

The company is also known for its long years in the cutlery industry. Cutco has been working and manufacturing all types of knives and scissors since 1949. The company's impressive history indicates true commitment to the craft and ability to survive hard market competition. The company's products have evolved throughout the years to fulfill all needs of each era.   

3- It is an all American product 

All Cutco knives are made in USA by American hands. This would mean something for those who appreciate quality products. There is no outsourcing methods or foreign workers. The Cutco facility is located in Olean, New York. 

4- The products have patented edge style 

The company is known for its unique edge style. Each blade comes with 3 points of cutting. The edge doesn't have all three points. In fact, they are scattered on the blade's side. The company has patent for this style. Such style will contribute to the lifespan and durability of the knives. The company applies the same style on their scissors and spatulas too.

5- Satisfying customer support 

Buying expensive knives will definitely give you reasons to expect the best customer care. This is exactly what you will get with Cutco. The company offers great customer support. So, you can email, call or live chat with them in case you have a question or a claim. You will get instant response through the phone or web chat. Many customers have experienced email response on the same day. You can benefit from their services if you have question regarding refund or returning. You can also know a lot about their repairing service. 

With many Cutco knives reviews out there, you can build an image about this company and its various products. You can also understand about things they offer for after-sales service