So, you’re looking for a shipping container to buy or rent to own (or even just rent for a temporary term), easy right? Actually, it is! The container marketplace called Shipped was started around 2014 and has since grown into the largest supplier online when it comes to being able to order a used or new shipping container. 

They offer numerous ways to contact them, as well as have excellent customer support and quality products at near wholesale (and sometimes really, they are wholesale) prices when it comes to shipping containers. So… Need storage? Buy or rent to own shipping containers at Shipped in order to secure your very own personal or private business storage space and avoid paying outrageous fees or having to travel to competitors’ units.

Why Shipping Containers?
Shipping containers vary in price and size. Most of the time, when you go to a storage unit facility, all of the facilities charge the same price because they only give you one option and size for a unit. Usually this can become quite costly, and you have to often travel away from your place of business or home in order to even gain access to your belongings or stored products. Using shipping containers, you can literally have an external warehouse of your belongings right outside of your front or back door, and you can have the comfort of knowing that many of the shipping containers you can purchase are often air and water tight to protect against the elements.

What’s Even Better?
The fact that shipping containers are made of high-quality steel makes them even more durable. People often think that freight containers are easily destroyed because of seeing things like semi accidents, or even mobile home damage, but the reality is, shipping containers more than anything are sturdier than just about any freight cart due to the way they are constructed. A shipping container is composed of multiple layers of steel and sometimes steel and insulation in order to completely contain products with ultimate protection. Once the 6 sides are built (one being the “door” or entry point), the item is pieced together with high quality and large bolts to maximize compatibility and construction strength.

What makes so special?
The online presence is astounding. They have pages on Twitter, Facebook, as well as e-mail, plus they have live chat support on their website in order to speak to them. They inspect every single cargo container and make sure that it is CSCI and/or ACEP certified before it gets delivered to you. If you need your container reinspected and have possible extra things on it, such as twist locks, new re-inspection, heavy duty security padlocks, and even wheels (yes, shipping containers can actually sit on wheels to make them a little easier to move around), also offers those (and much more) to make sure that you have your precious items secured as much as possible. Not only this, but they also have an excellent FAQ onsite, and you can ask them anything and get a good answer from them. Customer service is one of the biggest aspects of’s purpose.