If you are looking to take a vacation, there are few places with better sightseeing destinations than the city of Lyon. Lyon is located in east-central part of France and is renowned for its diverse cultural and historic destinations that will be a delight to any photographer. It’s also renowned for its exciting cuisines and with its serene feel is perfect for individual, group or family tourists. 

If you are looking to take a break from the more popular French tourist destinations like Paris and Marseilles, then Lyon is the place to be. Below is a list of the 6 main attractions for tourists to Lyon. 

After the Venice, Vieux Lyon is one of the most popular Renaissance destinations in Europe and in the past couple of years several buildings in Vieux Lyon have been remodeled to increase their aesthetic appeal. Most of the buildings in this area of Lyon were constructed in the 15th and 17th centuries and in the 20th century, were completely refurbished. Today, Vieux Lyon is home to several notable hotels, restaurants and boutiques which come together to make the tour of the Vieux Lyon all the more interesting. 

The St. Jean Cathedral also known as Lyon Cathedral is a distinct world heritage site whose construction was initiated by the famous bishops Saint Irenaeus and Saint Pothinus. Today, St. Jean Cathedral acts as the seat of the Archbishop of Lyon and attract tourists from around the world. The most popular attractions of the St. Jean 

Cathedral include the gigantic clock which has been in position since the 14th century, its Rose Windows and Stained Glass. 

A vacation to Lyon cannot be said to be complete without stopping over at Chinatown, the biggest and busiest tourist destination in France. Chinatown Lyon extends for two blocks and houses several restaurants and shops. As a result of its tightly packed size, the area can be explored in about 4hrs. 


The Gadagen Museum hosts two very unique tourist attractions; the Museum of Lyon History and the Museum of World Puppets. The Museum of Lyon focuses on archaeological lithographs, paintings, vestiges and other significant documents while the Museum of World Puppets focuses mainly on puppetry. The Museum of World Puppets has a variety of puppets assembled from different parts of the world.

The Rue St Jean is an interesting ancient street where currency exchangers plied their trade in the medieval age. The grand houses along its path were constructed for eminent Lyonnais bankers and Italian silk traders in the course of the French Renaissance. The traboule at No. 54 leads to the Rue du Bœuf. There are also elegant renaissance courtyards at house addresses No. 50, 52 and 42. At No. 27 rue St-Jean, a particularly striking traboule leads to No. 6 rue des Trois Maries. No. 28 has a pleasant courtyard, as do No. 18 and 24. The Maison Le Viste at No. 21 has a magnificent exterior. 

The Tranoules is a tunnel designed as paths through buildings and are renowned in Lyon, leading to gardens and courtyards. Most of these Traboules are barricaded or simply used for storage and maintenance purposes but a few dozen are left open to the public. These tunnels have a great history especially from the World War II where they served as resistance to German invasion. 

A city of dreams, Lyon attracts visitors from around the world, and it will be easy to understand why when you come to Lyon. No matter what occasion brings you on vacation, you can be guaranteed a special experience and great photoshoot in Lyon, being a place full of culture, art, and unique style.