No matter where you live or go, there’s always going to be food options. Some of them will be similar (like McDonalds and Starbucks, those are everywhere!) and others will be unique to the country or culture you are in. 

But what restaurants do you pick? You could just pull up the 50 fastest growing restaurants for your general area and do some research, but that will take time.

If you are in Canada, there are a few amazing restaurants that you have to try if they’re nearby, and chances are everyone will find food they like. So, take a look at some of these restaurants and get set to have your taste buds tingle!

Restaurants for Couples
Akira Back in Toronto is the name of both the restaurant and the owner! This man has named the restaurant after himself and has used his Korean culture to complement traditional Japanese cuisine. If your taste buds are fans of Asian food and a casual yet romantic atmosphere, then this is the place for you. Try their tuna pizza for something a little less Asian and a little more exotic!

Speaking of pizza, the Ascari Enoteca is an Italian restaurant that was named after a famous racecar driver. The driver, Alberto Ascari, had a major appetite for his Italian food, and the Toronto restaurant honors that with pasta, pizza, and a lot of 1/2 prices on wine! It’s a restaurant fit for a date and a bit of Italian food, especially if you are a racing fan.

Business Meals
It seems that business is always done more productively when done over a meal. So if you want restaurants with quiet conversation and a cheap selection that can feed a small group, try some of these. BOSK, which is a restaurant deep within Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel, is a perfect place to grab some private conversation and a good meal. 

Whether you are having your meeting at morning, noon, or night, this restaurant has you covered with excellent food and drink.

Autostrada might sound like a car depot, but it is a hidden gem in Vancouver and serves up great Italian food. The restaurant focuses on a simple menu and high-quality ingredients and wine, as well as a homey atmosphere. So, if you go there, you’ll feel just like you were back at home. It’s a small menu, but it works really well.

Other, unnamed restaurants
Of course, all of these restaurants are just a few of the types of fabulous restaurants that Canada has to offer, and these are fancier establishments. The fast food is pretty good too, because who wouldn’t love fries, cheese, and gravy! But all the top 50 and best of lists won’t help you nearly as much as exploring your area and trying new things.

Besides, exploring a new area works up quite the appetite anyway, so it all balances itself out. Whether you are in Canada, Thailand, or another country, be sure to explore the local food and excite your taste buds.