Ask anyone who has ever taken a road trip in Australia, they will tell you that one of the best routes to take is The Great Ocean Road. It is a 244-kilometre drive that passes by quaint towns and the Australian coastline. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because there is very little of the city to see. In fact, this is perfect for travelers who would rather see the rugged countryside than city establishments.

Before you checkout DriveNow car hire in Melbourne, here are the must see destinations along The Great Ocean Road.


One of the highlights within the Great Ocean Road is the Split Point Lighthouse located in Aireys Inlet. It is still a functioning lighthouse and can be accessed via tour only. Keen photographers and sightseers will enjoy the tour the 30 to 45 minute tour as they discover its history and remarkable 360-degree coastal views!

Experience an elevated 600-m long canopy walk along the forest tree lines! The walkway gradually ascends into the treetops and reaches up to a height of 25 meters, leading you higher and higher into the tree lines of the massive rainforest. And to guide you along the way, there are signs and boards located across different points of the pathway so you can determine your location and refer to the map Just to note, the map is of course provided at the beginning of the tour and is available at the tourist centre. Aside from the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, zip lining tour is also a must-try when you visit.

The London Arch or the London Bridge, as it was previously known, is another main attraction on the Great Ocean Road due to the iconic natural arch that just sits offshore. A brief history about this tourist attraction, on January 15th in 1990 the span of the arch near the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly which left two tourists stranded on the outer span sitting in the water. They had to be rescued by helicopter and thankfully enough no one was injured.

The Gibson Steps refers to the 86-step long staircase that takes you down onto a long stretch of sandy beach. It is believed that the steps were originally carved by the people of Kirrae Whurron, a local tribe. Once you’ve descended from the Gibson Steps, you can enjoy its scenic beach line and its fishing areas. This area is highly popular for its colourful fishes and other aquatic creature swimming below the water’s surface.
If you are looking for a true escape, away from stressors and the fast-paced urban life, this is the road trip to take. So get to DriveNow, choose your vehicle of choice, and get ready for an awesome coastline drive!