The Responsible Person Cosmetics might be any of the following:

The Manufacturer: This is if the product is established in the European Union
The Importer: For product manufacturers that were established outside European union
The Distributor: If a manufacturer places products in the market using its own name/brand  
Appointed Company or Person: This is someone who was named by an importer or manufacturer

The Responsible person cosmetics is tasked to keep cosmetic products meet the strict requirements of the Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

As per the regulation, before a specific cosmetic product is distributed, it needs to have:

Safety Report and Safety Assessment: The creation of this assessment and report is to establish that cosmetics are safe for human use. The person in charge, before making the product available to public should be able to assess the cosmetic accordingly
PIF or Product Information File: And it should contain the following:
The complete safety report
The cosmetic product description
Method of manufacturing description
A statement about GMP compliance
The overall effect of the beauty product/cosmetic
Cosmetic’s safety assessment, including its ingredients
Appropriate labeling
Beauty product is manufactured according to ISO 22716 guidance and fulfill GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

What To Look For in A Responsible Person

There are many companies around European Unions and out partnering to different manufacturers of beauty products. All of them may have the same qualifications and expertise, since they cannot perform the job unless they pass requirements strictly set by the regulators, but what made one stand out the pack? 

With the many companies working in this industry, below are few of the things you must consider when seeking advice and help from a responsible person for your cosmetics:

Easy to contact

It is nice to know that the company/person you are dealing with is always available to any questions or inquiries you have. You would never want to wait on the line or wait for a return call forever. You are running a business, and not being able to contact them will not help you at all.


A company/person who can make your beauty product available in the market the soonest time possible is a great deal. But, of course, other than quick result, you want it in the most professional way and cost effective. 


A company/person who is in the industry for good number of years is an indication of how well they provide service to the community and their clients as well. If the company lasted more than 10 years in the industry, then definitely, they can provide you not just the result you want to get but what you need.

Giving you clear guidance and advice on the right test methods that your beauty products need is what a good responsible person will provide. And if any technical problems will arise, they are willing and ready to extend to you help by providing the most effective solutions your product needs to pass the standards.