Before you get too excited going under the needle, it is necessary that you ask your surgeon some important questions. A successful plastic surgery starts with good one on one communication between the doctor and the patient. This is where patients can get explanation on things he/she should expect before, during and after surgery, and doctors to get information on what the patient expects and strives to achieve from the surgery. This is also a perfect time for patients and doctors to set the mood and build a relationship before the surgery commences.

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Essential Questions To Ask Before Plastic Surgery

As patients, it is necessary that you ask not just your doctor but yourself questions that can help you determine your readiness in this life changing surgery.

Is your body healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery?

This is one of the first questions you have to ask not just your doctor but yourself too. Is your body healthy enough to undergo plastic surgery? It is important that you disclose to your doctor all health issues you have, if you don’t, your doctor cannot assess your readiness accurately. Do not pretend you are healthy if you are not, as you will be the one to suffer the consequences of not telling the truth.

What are the possible risks of the procedure?

Most of the time, if not all the time, things go pretty well with surgeries, but that should not stop you from knowing the risks of undergoing the procedure. Infection, scars are few of the risks and complications that may possibly occur after the procedure that you should be aware of. 

Are there are any alternatives than plastic surgery?

Is proper diet and exercise enough to avoid plastic surgery? Asking this question will give you time to think whether surgery is the only way for you to look good or there is another way to do so. 

Where will scars be?

Yes, of course, there will be a scar/s after surgery, but good doctors have good ways to hide them. This is one of the deciding factors to assess whether the surgery is successful or not, if the scar is too exposed, the patient may say it is not as successful but if the scar is almost invisible then, yes, the surgery is a success. 

How long do you need to completely see the result?

This you want to know to set timelines right. If you are about to hit the beach 3 weeks after the operation, you must know whether your perfect body contour would be ready to be seen in the public by that time. 

The more questions you ask, and the more reviews you read, like dr. roxy reviews, the better and closer you can achieve success in plastic surgery.