Dubai is one of the wondrous places to visit. A desert village turned into a giant city in only a couple of decades with the help of oil money. Nowadays, Dubai is a place where you can go and be lavish about everything. Opulent skyscrapers with 100-meter apartments, expensive Michelin restaurants, long golden beaches with the cleanest sea is what Dubai offers to its visitors. What if I told you that there is a way to Combine all of the above and condense it into one week of pure hedonism and appreciation of life? 

The Best Place to Spend Time in Dubai
The most luxurious, expensive and lush place in Dubai is Dubai Marina. From the very beginning, Dubai Marina has taken a special place in the life of the city and all the Emirates as a whole. The area, built from scratch in order to knock down a passing passer-by with wealth, luxury and pathos. Arab architecture, gold, silks, and expensive wood? Leave this to the "old" Abu Dhabi. Dubai Marina is glass and concrete, skyscrapers looking into the sky, piercing the morning mist and azure water of the canal, caressing snow-white yachts, lined up in a vanity parade.

The Perfect Idea 
What would be a perfect way for a trip to Dubai Marina. Well, my bet lies with a sea cruise along the channels of the region. Why? Well, cruises have been a posh way to spend your free time during vacation (Remember Titanic? It was quite a thing if we avoid the iceberg part). It is even more so for the luxurious Dubai. These people know how to live and more importantly, rest in style. But apart from luxury, the cruise in Dubai will also be quite authentic and cultural since you can actually go on a dhow boat. 

What’s A Dhow Boat
Dhow is a traditional emirate sailing ship, that has been parsing the waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean for many a century and they still retain their relevance in the countries of the Persian Gulf. Having been upgraded with motors to suit the needs of modern society, they saved their authentic looks and charm. 

What Dhow Boat Cruises Can Offer
The modern Dhow boats that cross the Dubai Marina channels are equipped to house kings and queens. There are tons of different variations. Firstly, there is a simple one-day offer: a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina that offers a nice table on the top board of the ship, a dinner of choice, where all the ingredients are hand-picked by the chef and the meals are really something. I can bet, you have never tried anything like that before. The route involves a trip along the man-made Marina channel and island leading to the famous palm hotel. The impression of dining on a finely crafted dinner while admiring the skyscrapers and the scenery is nothing you’ve ever experienced. If you’d like to prolong your journey and have the means for it, there are also longer offers that will provide you with a whole richly furnished cabin, a pool on board and surely, all the entertainment possible. You will go out into the open sea and possibly, you can disembark in other towns of the Emirates. 

Apart from dinner, the majority of the cruises offer live shows to keep you from being tired of the eternal towers of Dubai. Among the most widespread parts are the native (or pop) singers some of who can actually sing the requested songs. Another live show that is very widespread among peers is the traditional emirates dancing. People in exotic gear will show you the oriental moves that will not leave you indifferent.