Ireland is a safe and family-friendly destination, but this guide will help you to make your family vacation in Ireland as comfortable as possible. The country is known for its friendliness and Children are welcome and treated in ways you have never experienced elsewhere.

Parents and children will love the winding country roads, stone walls and grazing animals. Although public transport is available in Ireland, driving is the best way to visit the country with children. If you need an automatic car, state this at the time of booking: You'll have to pay more for fun, but it's not the time to learn how to handle a gear change. 

However, some car rental companies don’t provide insurance at their base rate. But you need to make sure that the vehicle is insured. You can easily find and get car insurance quote online from, which is one of the most reliable insurance providers in Ireland. Remember that the Irish unit is on the left side of the street. So, you have to stay on the right side where you focus.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Ireland With Kids

•    Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher seem to be an obvious option for a place to visit with children in Ireland. The most popular tourist destination in Ireland has come here for hundreds of years to enjoy the breathtaking views. Before heading to the cliffs, take a short walk in the visitor centre. The Atlantic Edge exhibition is worthwhile. Children and adults alike will enjoy the history of the Cliffs of Moher and the collection of eggs on the cliff faces.

•    Killarney
Killarney is the tourist town in southwest Ireland, and with good reason. Killarney is often the starting point for many tourists who organise day trips around the Ring of Kerry. The Killarney National Park, which includes Ross Castle, Muckross Abbey and traditional farms, as well as miles of hiking and biking trails, is adjacent to the city centre. Killarney is a fantastic base for day trips to Dunloe Gap and the Beara Peninsula. Add shops, restaurants and lively pubs. Spending all your holidays in this region is effortless.

•    Lough Gur / Ballyhoura
Lough Gur is perhaps one of the most magical and least visited areas in Ireland. Lough Gur is located south of the city of Limerick. In this small area, you will find Ireland's largest stone circle, the entrance to fairyland, castle ruins and incredible archaeological sites. 

A full day of exploration and discovery for children. The Ballyhoura area, which includes Lough Gur, covers much of Limerick County and the northern part of County Cork. A popular area for hikers and mountain bikers. You'll also find the only donkey sanctuary in Ireland that offers fun and freedom. In the surrounding houses, you can show Irish dancing or even playing Irish Whistle or Bodhrán.

•    Abbey of Kylemore
The images of the stunning Kylemore Abbey in Connemara inspire many adults to visit Ireland. But few realise that the site of the Abbey is an incredible place for children. Hiking trails along the grounds provide playgrounds for children.

As adults marvel at the walled Victorian gardens, children will discover a fantastic place to walk and discover. Gardeners will gladly answer any questions, and the teashop provides a relaxing spot for a cup of tea and a little chocolate. If you are very adventurous, ask about the mountain hikes behind the abbey. It's not for sensitive souls, but the view is fantastic!

•    Dingle Peninsula
The Dingle peninsula is often ignored because of the popularity of its neighbours (Ring of Kerry) and offers much for families. One of the main attractions is the city of Dingle Resident Dauphin, Fungi. A fantastic ocean aquarium is located rig