There is no doubt about composite decking being one of the most recommended garden surfaces.  It is a great alternative to traditional wood, which most homeowners choose. But, just like any other garden surfaces, this also has advantages and disadvantages you must look into. 


Low maintenance - you are not required to maintain this kind of garden surface too often unlike its counterpart, particularly wood decking
It is weather resistant - composite decking can stand coarse weather condition
This type of garden surface is made from recycled plastic and wood
Moisture resistant
This kind of board has many available colors to choose from
It doesn't crack or warp
The primary value of it can be justified because of its long life span and low maintenance


Darker decks could possibly heat up when exposed to direct sunlight
If sever scratches occur, you have no choice but to replace them since they are non repairable
Harsh chemicals used for maintaining/cleaning may damage the board's surface
Changing of color is impossible

Maintaining And Cleaning Composite Decking

As previously discussed, maintaining and cleaning of this kind of board is easy. Since it is partly made of wood, it is susceptible to discoloration and fading. Direct sunlight, weather conditions and changing temperature may cause problems to the decks. It is a must that before you work on staining the board, it is 100% clean. 

Below are good and effective ways of cleaning your decks:

If there are debris and dirt, you can use leaf blowers or stiff brooms to sweep away fallen leaves and any other dirt on your deck
removing chalk lines, marks of dirt and stains can be removed easily using warm water, scrubbing brush and soap
Water spots and rust stains on the other hand can be removed using deck brightener. It is necessary that the solution you use has oxalic acid, as it can help removing the spots pretty well
For oil stains, using of dishwashing detergent is advised. After dishwashing detergent application you must rinse it very well with hot water. Removing oil stains should be done as soon as possible. Remember that the longer the stains stay on the area of the board, soaking on the wood may happen
There are available deck cleaners specifically made for mould removal. Make sure though that the solution you choose does not have bleach as it may lighten the deck's surface
Using of pressure washer is recommended for cleaning decks. The release of strong water from the hose is enough to remove all mould, mildew and dirt. 

Now that you know the easy ways to clean your deck, there is no reason why would you not do cleaning regularly. If you want to sustain the beauty this board can offer, it is a must that you keep it clean every day. By proper cleaning, you are not only making the deck look beautiful but you are also giving your deck a longer life.