Your day gets to be better when you wake up and first see cute, good morning messages in your phone. Knowing that someone woke up with you in their mind beats any other feeling in this world. A good morning message uplifts your mood as you rise to start the day.  

People in relationships are encouraged to communicate, as it builds their love. Talk about your lover's beauty and tell them that they are worthy when you write them a good morning text. Say a simple hi and wish your boyfriend the best as he goes on with his day. This article lists down a few good morning messages you can write to your husband or boyfriend.

Morning greetings
Hi love. I hope your day has started with your beautiful smile. I wish you the best today.
I trust I am the first person to text you today. Have a great morning my love.
Good morning, mine. Hope you had a good night sleep. Have a great start of the day.
Top of the morning, hubby. I can’t wait to see you today. May you have a happy day.

Sweet good morning messages
• I won’t feel okay if I start the day without talking to you. You are the ray of sunshine I need to start my day.
• Good morning to the most loving person on earth.
• May the day be as wonderful as you are. Good morning hubby.
• I miss watching your happy face as you wake up. This text is to remind you that you are the first person I think of when I wake up.

Romantic morning messages
• Today would have been good if I had woken up next to you. I know tomorrow will be better because there is nothing I love more than waking up all cuddled up next to you.
• Receive my morning kisses despite not being next to you. This distance is a buzzkill, but it will only be a matter of time. 
• Thank you for being the best husband I could ever ask for. May this day be kind to you.

Motivational good morning messages
•    I pray that you achieve the goals you have set for today. Have an amazing day.
•    It’s a new day, and I want you to wake up with the positive energy you always have, as you make me a better person, my love.
•    The sun is up, and I’m thinking about you as you enjoy your coffee. May you have a fruitful day, hubby. Good morning! 
•    I’m here for you, love. In case you can’t get through the morning on your own.

Sweet messages in the morning will not only make your boyfriend feel special but will also get him in a jolly mood when he wakes up. Seeing your message as the first notification on his phone will make him feel good about himself.  Sending a good morning message is a habit that builds love and the bond you share with your lover. Think about your recipient and what they would want to hear in the morning before composing your message.

Source: YEN Ghana