Shopping on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to its convenience, this type of shopping saves you time. However, this is not the whole list of advantages of online shopping. We offer you to get acquainted with 10 reasons why shopping in online stores is cheaper and more convenient.

1. The first reason why you should buy things on the Internet is the convenience of this type of shopping. You can easily find your favorite thing. The plus is the fact that online stores are open around the clock without breaks and holidays.

2. In online stores prices are much lower. If you have ever made purchases over the Internet, you probably noticed that the price of all goods is much lower. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the store owner does not need to pay for the rent. In addition, there is no need to pay for the work of maintenance personnel and utility bills. Secondly, each online store conducts a thorough analysis of the market, setting its own price. There is no big monopoly that dictates the value of the goods. Therefore, sometimes you can find offers at very competitive prices.

3. The third advantage of buying things on the Internet will be a huge range. In online stores you can find no less choice of clothes than in the local market. For example, you will find an impressive range of clothing on the website At the same time, this online store provides wholesale services. On top of this, courier companies have improved dramatically the point of being able to provide many services like a chilled courier service or overnight delivery.

4. You can buy goods both for yourself and for a gift. You can always order the delivery of goods to your relatives, who want to make a surprise.

5. Another reason for buying online is more profitable is that you are more likely to buy only what you really need, without buying extra junk along the way. Your costs will decrease significantly, and you will have only those things that you can really wear every day, not once a year.

6. All in one. Many shops provide an opportunity to buy things for the whole family, from socks to outerwear, as well as accessories and household goods. The Boone store is an example. By the way, mothers on maternity leave can try themselves in the organization of joint purchases, which will not only profitable to buy what they want, but also will bring some money.

7. One of the decisive advantages of buying things online is the complete absence of queues. In online stores they simply do not happen. It will be especially convenient for busy people or those who do not like to stand in line to buy the desired product.

8. An opportunity to try on a thing at home. Most online stores provide their customers with the opportunity to try on the purchased thing at home. If the product does not fit you – you can send it back to the seller and get another suitable size for you.

9. The ability to buy designer items. It often happens that the online store is among a large range of its products rare designer items. Buying things through the Internet, you can find unique samples that are already or are not yet sold on the market.

10. Convenient payment methods complete the list of reasons why you should buy things over the Internet. Almost all the shops that are represented in the network, allow you to pay for the purchased goods in many convenient ways. This can be either payment by e-money or payment in cash upon receipt of the goods at the post office or by courier.

Thus, the benefits that online shopping has will be a great way to save your money and precious time.

What is a promo code and where to get it?
Those who often make purchases in online stores, probably noticed that the shopping cart of some stores have a window in which they offer to enter a number with a voucher or promotional code. The owner of this promotional code receives a discount on the selected product.

There are several classifications of promotional codes.

By type of bonus
- Promo code for a discount in monetary terms; 
- Promotional code as a percentage; 
- Promotional code for a free product as a gift; 
- Promotional code for free shipping.

By the number of uses
- One-time promotional code - a unique set of characters that can be used only by one buyer; 
- Reusable promotional code - activated by customers a limited or unlimited number of times during its validity period.

By range
- On the whole range; 
- For a specific product category (for example, for all clothes or for all TVs); 
- For a limited range of products (a selection of products located on a special landing page); 
- For a specific product.

Why do owners of online stores distribute such discount coupons? 

It's kind of self-defeating, isn't it? However, the answer is simple for those who have at least a little idea about marketing. Discounts and promotional codes — a kind of "loyalty program" towards customers, aimed at attracting new customers to their products or services. This has nothing to do with trying to get rid of "stale goods".

Thus, discount coupons — a set of numbers and letters, which will make the cost automatically reduced by the declared amount or percentage.

If you decide to use the promo code, you should pay attention to the terms of the announced promotion. Discount coupons can have a certain period of time, refer to a specific product or to the entire category, and give the right to a discount in percentage or for a certain amount in monetary terms.

Some companies offer gift coupons for a specific product or service that partially or fully cover the purchase price, click here.

Of course, if you want to get the right promotional code, you need to find it somewhere. As a rule, there are sites like that collect coupons for discounts in a variety of online stores. These sites allow you to subscribe to the newsletter and be aware of all the new products in the world of discounts. In addition, information about discounts and promotional codes is distributed through different social networks.